Treatment Options for Trichotillomania

Unlike the other diseases we’ve recently detailed on our blog, today we’re going to discuss a mental ailment. Trichotillomania is a mental disorder that can result in patchy bald spots on the scalp and hair loss on other parts of the body. As such, the emotional and social effects of the disease are often debilitating.

Also known as hair-pulling disorder, trichotillomania causes a repeated, irresistible urge to pull out one’s own hair. This is not limited to the hair on the head, but can also include eyebrows or hair on other parts of the body. People with trichotillomania are unable to stop themselves from pulling out their hair, despite wanting and trying to.


There is no known cause for trichotillomania, but certain factors – such as age, family history and stress level – may increase the risk of diagnosis. Some infants engage in hair-pulling, but it usually goes away naturally as they age. Pre-teens between 10 and 13 are most likely to be diagnosed with trichotillomania, and people with a family history of the disease tend to be more prone to the disease.

Trichotillomania varies in severity – often, it is mild and manageable, but in many cases, the need to pull out hair is severe and overpowering. Some people pull hair intentionally, as a way of dealing with stress and tension. Many have elaborate rituals for hair-pulling. Alternatively, some people pull out hair automatically, without realizing that they’re doing it. This often occurs during times of boredom or inactivity.

There are treatment options, including therapy and antidepressants or other medications. Often, the loss of hair can lead to additional stress, making it important to treat the hair loss in addition to the underlying disease. Wigs or hair systems, as well as rejuvenation and micro point solutions may help to relieve some of the emotional impact of trichotillomania.

If you’re suffering from trichotillomania, get in touch with our discrete Minneapolis hair restoration salon to discuss your options.

Trichotillomania: What You Need To Know About Impulsive Hair Pulling

People suffering from trichotillomania may be wondering what is causing their hair loss.  A lack of awareness of the condition can be socially uncomfortable, as well as concerning for oneself and close friends and family members.  The purpose of this blog is to explain trichotillomania, the dangers of the condition, and how DK International can help you while seeking treatment.

Trichotillomania (trich) is a condition where people have the habit of pulling body hair out.  Excessive pulling can cause bald spots, resulting in awkward social situations when interacting with those who aren’t familiar with what is causing hair loss.  It may be easy to say to someone with trich, “Just stop pulling your hair”, however it’s not that easy.  As an impulsive disorder, people with trichotillomania are often unaware that they are doing it until it becomes a problem.  The reason behind impulsive hair pulling is different for everyone as some people do it to cope with anxiety, whereas some people with trich are happy, well adjusted people.

It’s not uncommon for people with trichotillomania to accompany hair pulling with swallowing their hair.  This becomes dangerous when entire hairs are ingested.  The human digestive tract is unable to process and pass hair and in extreme circumstances, a hairball may form.  In this case, swallowing hair is extremely dangerous and the hairball causing the blockage may require surgery to remove it.

Are you worried that you or someone you know may have trichotillomania?  Below are some symptoms to watch out for:

  • Inability to resist urges to pull out one’s hair
  • Mounting tension before one pulls
  • Gratification and relaxation when pulling
  • A feeling of relief after pulling
  • Noticeable hair loss
  • Increased distress and/or interference with daily life

If you or someone you know is experiencing noticeable hair loss due to trichotillomania, contact DK International today.  Seeking help from trich can be difficult for those that consider this an embarrassing situation.  DK International’s experienced and compassionate technicians have consulted with many people suffering from impulsive hair pulling and will help you find a solution while keeping your discretion in mind.  Our location and the way we communicate with clients are all meant to keep your condition and association with our hair replacement salon confidential.  Contact DK International today for your free, confidential one-hour consultation.  To learn more about DK International and how we help people experiencing different kinds of hair loss, connect with us on Facebook to find out how we can help you!