How To Instantly Add Thickness Back To Your Hairline

Bob Before

The summer months are a popular time for high school reunions.  Some people look forward to these get-togethers, however some graduates may be feeling self conscious about not looking how they did in high school.  Men experiencing early signs of male pattern baldness may be looking in the mirror and longing for more hair, but they aren’t ready for a full top-of-head hair system yet.  Men in this stage of hair loss have found a solution in Micro Point Links.  In this blog, I’ll talk about how Micro Point Links can add thickness back to your hairline.

Micro Point Links by Cyberhair are a revolutionary way to add thickness to thinning hair in an area of the scalp, which requires discretion, such as the top of the head.  Micro Point Links are four Cyberhairs attached to a tiny sterling silver bead, which are then knotted to one of your existing hairs.  The knots are so tiny that they are nearly invisible, perfect for highly visible areas of your head.  Once installed, Micro Point Links act and look just like your original hair.

Instantly Add Density to Your Hair

Do you think this process sounds time consuming?  It’s not.  With the help of one of DK International’s trained professionals, up to 600 hairs can be added to your existing hair within an hour.


This non-surgical procedure happens in the comfort of our private salon using tools to knot Micro Point Links to your existing hair.  There is no pulling, tugging, or surgery.  There are no adhesives used, so when the links grow out, the only thing to do is either let them fall out or cut them off as your stylist would during a normal haircut. 

Men experiencing the early signs of male pattern baldness no longer need to go through all of the stages before seeking full, top-of-head coverage.  You can transition into a full hair system seamlessly with the help of Micro Point Links and DK International.  If you think Micro Point Links might be the perfect thing to help you walk into your high school reunion with confidence, contact DK International today to schedule your free one-hour consultation.  Connect with us on Facebook so you can stay on top of the many ways DK International can help you through your male pattern baldness hair loss transition.