3 Causes Of Female Pattern Baldness

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If you’re a woman who has thinning hair on the top of your head, you may be experiencing female pattern baldness.  Some women are unsure of why they are losing their hair and where they can go to get answers and help.  In this blog I’m going to talk about female pattern baldness, the causes, and how DK International can help.

Female pattern baldness happens in women for three reasons: hormones, aging, and genes.  Hair follicles produce hair at an average of ½ inch per month.  The normal cycle of a hair is growth for 2 to 6 years, a resting period, at which point it falls out.  Each day it’s normal to lose a certain amount of hair, but baldness occurs when old hair that falls out isn’t replaced by new hair.  Below are some symptoms of female pattern baldness:

  • Hair thins on the top and crown of the scalp.  This usually starts with a widening of the center hair part.
  • The front hairline will remain.
  • Hair loss rarely progresses as far as total baldness as it may in male pattern baldness or alopecia.

When a woman’s hair loss exhibits these signs, it could be because of age.  However, changes in hormones after menopause could also be the cause of female pattern baldness when the levels of androgens change.  If you have a family history of male or female pattern baldness, your own pattern baldness may be genetic.

No matter the reason why your hair is falling out, DK International can help you through this difficult transition.  In Thursday’s blog, I’m going to be writing about the treatments and hair replacement solutions DK International provides to our clients experiencing female pattern baldness.  Do you know a woman who is embarrassed by their thinning hair?  Tell them about DK International and we’ll consult with them about their solutions in our discrete salon with our experienced technicians.  Connect with us on Facebook to see how we’ve helped other women with female pattern baldness!