The Benefits Of Cyberhair During The Summer

small__3901537243In the summer, one concern of someone who wears a wig full-time is the increased exposure to water.  Many people who wear a full cap wig have found a solution through Cyberhair that makes them worry less about water.  In this post, I’m going to talk about the benefits of switching to a Cyberhair full cap wig during the summer months in the event of a spontaneous water fight!

In the summer, people love water, so why shouldn’t your hair replacement solution love it too?  From pool parties, to boating, to sprinklers in the yard, Cyberhair can get drenched and it won’t affect the security of the wig or the style of your hair!

Human hair wigs are beautiful and luxurious, but it has one problem; it becomes waterlogged when it gets wet.  This can weigh the hair system down and compromise the security of the fit.  It dries slowly and will have to be restyled to bring it back to its original style.  Cyberhair solves these problems, while looking just as beautiful as human hair!  Cyberhair is created hair from nylon strands.  Because of its construction, Cyberhair doesn’t absorb water like human hair does, so it remains feather light wet or dry.  If Cyberhair gets wet it dries quickly with the shake of your head and lightly combing through it with your fingers.  Once it dries you will find it has amazing style retention.  So you’ll always look great, no matter how severe the downpour you’re caught in!

Each of the amazing qualities of Cyberhair makes us able to say that Cyberhair loves water, just as much as you do!  Now that you know the solution to looking great in wet or dry conditions, call DK International today to schedule your free one-hour consultation with one of our trained technicians.  Don’t hesitate; Cyberhair is holding a sale through June 28th, which will help you save up to $467 on your full cap Cyberhair system!  Connect with us on Facebook and share this blog to let the water loving person you know about Cyberhair and the sale that’s going on right now!