4 Breast Cancer Risk Factors You Can Control

Continuing on our educational series on breast cancer in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness (NBCA) month, we’d like to talk about risk factors of breast cancer that you can control.  After reading this blog, you’ll understand how certain lifestyle choices could raise or lower your risk of developing breast cancer and how DK International can help you find a hair replacement system during chemotherapy.


How we live our lives determines largely on how healthy we’re going to be.  If you’re already at a high risk of developing cancer, there may be some things you’ll want to adjust in your lifestyle to keep your risk as low as possible, according to an article found on www.cancer.org:


Pregnancy – Women who have gone through multiple pregnancies have a lower risk of developing breast cancer.  Researchers think is because of the reduction in the number of lifetime menstrual cycles.


Birth Control – Women who have used oral contraceptives or the injectable form of birth control tend to have higher risks.  However, the risk factor goes back down to normal after several years if these forms of birth control are stopped.


Hormone Therapy – During menopause hormone therapy may be sought to help with the symptoms.  However, you may want to search for natural remedies or just stick with estrogen therapies and opting out of progesterone therapy.  Estrogen has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer, while progesterone treatments have shown to increase the risk.


Physical Activity – One easy to control lifestyle factor is how active you are.  Studies have shown that it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to significantly reduce your risk.  For instance, an hour and fifteen minutes to one and a half hours of brisk walking each week can lower your risk by as much as 18%.


How we choose to live our lives and doing the things we enjoy doing is what makes life worth living.  If you or someone you know has developed breast cancer because of lifestyle choices, the right thing to do is to face the challenge head on and keep a positive attitude.  DK International is here to be your support system.  As Chanhassen’s only hair replacement salon, located just 20 minutes outside of Minneapolis, MN, DK International is here to help you find the right hair system for you to help you win the fight against cancer.  Contact us today to schedule your free one-hour consultation.  During your consultation, you’ll meet one on one with an expert technician who will help you find the hair replacement solution that fits your style and your budget.  Connect with us on Facebook to see how we’re helping our clients every day!