A Full Cap Wig You Can Swim In

small__5872078363If you’re experiencing partial to full hair loss, or know you will be experiencing it, you may have come across a hair system called Private Issue by Cyberhair.  To get a custom wig by Private Issue, you must work with a trained technician and an exclusive salon that works with Private Issue.  The salon you choose to work with will first consult with you on your lifestyle, desired hair color, the type of cap you’ll need, and your desired style.  If you’re concerned about looking great while enjoying your active lifestyle, don’t!  Private Issue by Cyberhair was made for people that are active and want to remain active!


Working out is no problem with the specially designed Private Issue cap.  Since Cyberhair is so light, and the cap is designed with active people in mind, air flows through it, keeping you comfortable when perspiring.  If you swim for exercise, be sure to mention that during your consultation as there are many different solutions to make sure the cap stays on in the pool, it all depends on the type of hair loss you are experiencing.  After you’re done swimming, or showering after your work out, there is no need to lug a blow dryer around.  Because Cyberhair loves water, all you need to do is shake your head and comb your fingers through your hair.  It dries so fast that there is no need for a blow dryer!  Since Cyberhair has color retention, chlorine and salt water have no effect on color, the sun won’t fade it, and feel free to wash it as often as you like.  Proper care and bringing your system to your Private Issue salon for revitalization will ensure a long lasting hair system that will look beautiful for years to come.


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