HairMax Lasercomb: 3 Benefits

Michael After

Hair can start to fall out any time after puberty.  Over the years there have been many solutions on the market from sprays, tonics, and even surgery to avoid baldness, but do any of them work? Many people who want to avoid all out baldness due to thinning hair have found a solution in the HairMax Lasercomb.  In this blog I want to talk about three benefits to using the HairMax Lasercomb as your hair loss solution.

  1. FDA approved – in 2007 the FDA approved the Lasercomb for males and in 2011 extended that approval to females.
  2. Pain-free – The Lasercomb stimulates follicles and increases blood flow to those follicles regenerating hair growth.  It’s pain free, heat free, and takes about 15 minutes per day. A perfect thing to do while watching TV at night.
  3. Non-medicated – if you’re on medication that conflicts with hair growth medications or you simply don’t want to use a medicated solution, the Lasercomb may be right for you.

The HairMax Lasercomb sounds too good to be true.  That’s because it’s a major breakthrough in the hair restoration industry.  We’ve never seen anything like this that actually works.  Hundreds of testimonials are floating around on the web, but the report NBC Today presented on the Lasercomb will have you wanting to try it out for yourself.  Doctors use it in their practices and we use it at DK International.  However, the Lasercomb is perfectly safe to be used at home on your own. 

If you’re wondering whether or not the HairMax Lasercomb is right for you and the type of hair loss you’re experiencing, contact DK International today to schedule your free one-hour consultation.  Connect with us on Facebook so you’re in the know about the amazing innovations we can help you with in the hair loss industry.