3 Hair Replacement Solutions Offered By DK International

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Has your hair loss become something you’re ready to do something about?  Instead of going through the journey alone, many people have used DK International for their hair replacement needs.  In this blog, learn about DK International and the many hair replacement solutions we offer.

Losing your hair, especially if you’re a woman, can make you feel alone.  However, it may be a more common occurrence than you think.  Hair replacement solutions today are so advanced that unless someone points it out, you’re likely never to know whether someone’s hair is natural or not; and DK International is your expert in the hair replacement industry.  Below are just a few of the ways we can help our clients:

Hair Systems – DK International offers hair systems for any type of coverage you need.  We will help you determine whether you need a top of head, back of head, or a full coverage solution.  We’ll also help you find the system that fits your budget the best by educating you on the many different types of hair you can choose from, such as human hair, synthetic hair, or Cyberhair.

MicroPoint Solutions – If your hair is thinning, but you need coverage to suit you before you transition into either a partial or full-coverage solution, DK International can help you with a product called MicroPoint Solutions.  From discrete coverage on the top of your head, to offering more body to the back and sides of your head, MicroPoint Solutions is the perfect product to help you transition gracefully through the different stages of hair loss.

Hair Products – Our hair replacement salon offers a full line of products for people with thinning hair.  From lightweight hairspray and mousse to products that actually stimulate hair growth, DK International has it all.  We also carry the only FDA approved at-home laser device that has been scientifically proven to regenerate growth from dormant follicles, the HairMax Laser Comb.

DK International is your full service hair loss salon.  If you’re tired of feeling like there isn’t anything you can do about your hair loss, contact us today to schedule your free one-hour consultation.  During your one on one consultation with a technician to go over the many different solutions available to you, you’ll find a solution that fits your style, lifestyle, and budget.  Connect with our online community via Facebook today to see how we’re helping our clients with their hair replacement needs!