Get Thicker Hair With More Body Instantly

small__7311079798Thin hair may be something you were born with, but it’s not something you have to live with.  There are many different solutions men and women have tried to combat their thin or thinning hair.  Diets, certain hairstyles, topical solutions, and lasers to stimulate hair growth are all options, but it can get to a point where you feel like you’re constantly thinking about the hair on your head.  When moving into permanent and semi-permanent solutions, hair transplants or plugs can be painful and expensive, and traditional extensions can pull uncomfortably on your hair and aren’t the healthiest option with their strong adhesives. 

Micro Point Accents are a safe, healthy, and immediate alternative to the solutions listed above.  Last week we spoke about Micro Point Links and attaching 2 individual Cyberhairs to your naturally growing hair.  Micro Point Links are 100 Cyberhairs attached to a tiny sterling silver bead.  Your own natural hair is threaded through the bead by a trained technician and attached with no glues, bonds, or chemicals.  Accents are perfect for creating semi-permanent volume and density for short, medium or long hair.

While Micro Point Links are great for adding a fuller look to your hairline or top of head, Accents will add volume to the sides and back of your hair.  Since Accents are made with Cyberhair, you can style your hair just as you would your natural hair.  Cyberhair loves water and is feather light  It’s as durable, if not more so, than natural hair, so don’t be afraid to live the active lifestyle you’re used to.  Accents are ideal for men and women with short, medium, or long thin or fine hair looking to add volume and density.  In some cases, Accents are perfect for clients with Alopecia Areata or Tricotillamania.  Share this blog with the person you know that is concerned about their thin or thinning hair.  Follow us and share us on Facebook for continued updates on the hair replacement industry!