Hair Loss 101: Causes and Symptoms

What are the Main Causes and Symptoms of Hair Loss?

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Hair loss is not a fun side-effect to have to deal with and can cause many of us to become self-conscious about our appearance. However, most of us will not be able to avoid it, either early on or when we get older. There are many different types of hair loss as well as causes. Some are inevitable but some can be prevented and treated. Here are the main causes and symptoms of hair loss:

Hair Loss Causes

Family history – Hair loss is inherited in most cases, also known as male or female-pattern baldness.

Stress – This could be from physical stress from surgery or an injury, an illness or emotional stress.

Chemotherapy – This powerful medicine destroys cancer cells but also the cells that help you grow hair.

Physical damage – Pulling on your hair too tightly from ponytails or braids can cause loss. Using curling irons or straighteners too often, as well as coloring your hair can damage it as well.

Age – The older you get, the less your hair will grow naturally. Your hair will get thinner and tends to break more often.

Poor diet – Protein and iron are big building blocks for growing your hair. Any deficiencies in these two will have cause you to lose hair.

Thyroid disease – Most commonly hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism will play a big part in hair loss as well, also combining with stress and diet.

Hair Loss Symptoms

Your symptoms will depend on the type of hair loss you have. Thinning hair happens over time, so you will probably not notice them falling out. If you hair is shedding, you will lose your hair in clumps that fall out. You may notice hair on your pillow after sleeping, or excessive hair in your brush or shower. A general loss of hair would cause you to lose hair all over your scalp, but focal hair loss is in just one area. Inherited hair loss will cause bald spots around the forehead or on the top of the head.

Contact us today to schedule a free one-hour consultation, where you will meet one-on-one with one of our experienced technicians to discuss the type of hair loss you’re experiencing and the solution that best fits with your lifestyle and budget needs. We offer various products that will aid in your treatment including volume solutions and professional strength products.

Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Treatments to Slow the Process of Male and Female Pattern Baldness


Male or Female Pattern Baldness is a distinctive form of hair loss that affects many, usually by the age of 50. This can be defined as the loss of hair from the head brought on by age but can also be caused by an autoimmune disorder. Androgenetic alopecia affects both men and women and is very common. Here are ways that this may impact males and females:


  • Hair is lost in well-defined pattern
  • Hair loss begins above the temples
  • Overtime, the hairline recedes to form an “M” shape
  • Usually, the hair loss occurs at the top of the head or the front, at the hairline


  • 40 % of women are affected, usually by age 50
  • Less than 45% of women reach 80 years old with a full head of hair
  • Hair becomes thinner than normal
  • Hair loss is usually at the top of the head and at the crown
  • Major events such as child birth, malnutrition, a severe infection, major surgery or extreme stress can be big causes of sudden hair loss.

There are no cures for male and female pattern baldness, but there are treatments and ways to try and slow the process. Hair transplants and natural looking wigs and hairpieces are options to cover up the patchy areas. There are also foods that may fight hair loss. A poor diet may cause macro and micronutrient deficiencies. Eating lots of red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots, peppers and cantaloupe may help with your nutrients. Fatty fish such as salmon contains omega 3 and yogurts are rich in vitamin B5. Also, staying hydrated is key, drinking as much water as possible and cutting back on the caffeine.

Our Bloomington, Minnesota location makes it easy for clients to receive the treatments they seek, including haircuts, perms, coloring, attachments, bonds, reconditioning of human or synthetic hair, Cyberhair rejuvenation, wig repair, scalp treatments, and Micro Point Solutions Hair systems.

Contact us today to schedule a free one-hour consultation, where you will meet one-on-one with one of our experienced technicians to discuss the type of hair loss you’re experiencing and the solution that best fits with your lifestyle and budget needs.

How You Can Instantly Get Thicker Looking Hair

michael before_smBosley Professional products are ideal for men experiencing male pattern baldness.  However, those working with product to regrow hair may be wondering what they can do about bald spots while they wait for their hair to grow back.  In this blog, learn about how Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers can give you thicker looking hair.

When you have thin or thinning hair in a highly visible area, it can be difficult finding the right product to give you the coverage you need.  If you’re experiencing male pattern baldness and looking for a quick fix to cover up that visible thinning spot on top of your head, consider Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers.

Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers are made from Keratin Proteins, which are similar to natural hair.  The fibers blend with your natural hair, creating density resulting in thicker looking hair. To apply the fibers, your hair must be completely dry and brushed.  Apply the fibers by shaking a generous amount in the area you wish to cover up.  You can give yourself more precise coverage using the Brush Applicator, which is filled with Hair Thickening Fibers, for hard to reach areas.  Once applied, gently style your hair with your fingers.  For long lasting hold, spray with Bosley Professional Strength Non-Aerosol Hairspary as well as FiberHold Spray.  This increases the bond between the Hair Thickening Fibers and your natural hair.  Removal is quick and easy, as the Hair Thickening Fibers will wash away during your next shampoo.

Now that you know more about how you can achieve instant coverage of male pattern baldness using Bosley Hair Thickening Fibers, contact DK International to purchase your supply.  DK International is a Minneapolis hair loss salon located in the suburb of Chanhassen, MN.  We specialize in helping men and women replace their hair and find the best, and most discrete solution depending on the client’s type of hair loss.  Contact DK International today to schedule your free one-hour consultation to stop your hair loss in its tracks!  Connect with us on Facebook where we share our weekly blog updates on the many different hair loss solutions DK International provides!

Why You Are Experiencing Pattern Baldness

Sherry BeforeWhen we think of pattern baldness and DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, we think of men and male pattern baldness.  However, both women and men can suffer from pattern baldness caused by a hormonal imbalance.  After reading this blog, hopefully you will have more understanding as to why you are experiencing pattern baldness.


Hair follicles have the potential to become attacked by DHT.  DHT is a product of the hormone, testosterone.  Even women have trace amounts of testosterone in their bodies, so there is the chance that an imbalance could cause the existence of DHT, thus causing female pattern baldness.  When testosterone converts to DHT, the enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase aids it in attacking hair follicles.  This enzyme is found in the hair follicles’ oil glands and binds DHT to the follicles.  DHT then shrinks the follicles, thus damaging them and eventually killing them, making hair loss inevitable.  So, pattern baldness caused by DHT isn’t necessarily because of how much or how little testosterone is in your body, but more by your body chemistry.


Some peoples’ chemistry is more sensitive than others in changes in hormonal balance.  For instance, one person may test for high levels of DHT and have no hair loss, whereas another person may have normal amounts of DHT, but experience full-blown pattern baldness.  It all depends on how the enzymes in your hair follicles react to DHT.  Since pattern baldness is largely hereditary, one way to tell whether or not you’ll have a problem with it is to look at your family history.  If you’re a woman and your mom has female pattern baldness, it’s likely you’ll go through the same process as her when your hormones change throughout your life.


If you’re a man or woman whose parents have male or female pattern baldness, it’s important you look into your options before you start to notice hair loss.  Being proactive about your situation can slow down your pattern baldness and may even prevent it altogether.  Contact DK International, a Minneapolis based hair loss salon, today for a free one-hour consultation so we can get you on a path to your healthiest scalp possible to prevent hair loss.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook to see how we’re continually finding hair replacement solutions for our clients!

How To Instantly Add Thickness Back To Your Hairline

Bob Before

The summer months are a popular time for high school reunions.  Some people look forward to these get-togethers, however some graduates may be feeling self conscious about not looking how they did in high school.  Men experiencing early signs of male pattern baldness may be looking in the mirror and longing for more hair, but they aren’t ready for a full top-of-head hair system yet.  Men in this stage of hair loss have found a solution in Micro Point Links.  In this blog, I’ll talk about how Micro Point Links can add thickness back to your hairline.

Micro Point Links by Cyberhair are a revolutionary way to add thickness to thinning hair in an area of the scalp, which requires discretion, such as the top of the head.  Micro Point Links are four Cyberhairs attached to a tiny sterling silver bead, which are then knotted to one of your existing hairs.  The knots are so tiny that they are nearly invisible, perfect for highly visible areas of your head.  Once installed, Micro Point Links act and look just like your original hair.

Instantly Add Density to Your Hair

Do you think this process sounds time consuming?  It’s not.  With the help of one of DK International’s trained professionals, up to 600 hairs can be added to your existing hair within an hour.


This non-surgical procedure happens in the comfort of our private salon using tools to knot Micro Point Links to your existing hair.  There is no pulling, tugging, or surgery.  There are no adhesives used, so when the links grow out, the only thing to do is either let them fall out or cut them off as your stylist would during a normal haircut. 

Men experiencing the early signs of male pattern baldness no longer need to go through all of the stages before seeking full, top-of-head coverage.  You can transition into a full hair system seamlessly with the help of Micro Point Links and DK International.  If you think Micro Point Links might be the perfect thing to help you walk into your high school reunion with confidence, contact DK International today to schedule your free one-hour consultation.  Connect with us on Facebook so you can stay on top of the many ways DK International can help you through your male pattern baldness hair loss transition.