How DK International Saved A Client’s Wedding Day

Betsy BeforeGetting ready for a wedding is a very exciting time in a bride’s life.  As preparations for the biggest day of her life nears, it can also become a very stressful time in her life.  Sometimes the body’s reaction to stress is the loss of hair.  If your hair is already thin, this may become a serious problem for the hairstyle you’re dreaming of for your big day.  That’s what one client of ours discovered as her wedding day neared.  In this blog I want to share a testimonial about how DK International got to be involved in making our client’s wedding day the best day of her life.


“My whole life I have never really been one to worry much about my hair.  Sure, it was thin, but it worked for me.  Then last summer, it became a little more important to me.  I was getting married in the fall.

“In June, before my wedding, I noticed my hair was suddenly becoming thinner and thinner.  I had been stressed with graduating from graduate school, studying for and taking my board exam, and beginning my first ‘real’ job, not to mention planning my wedding.  During this time, my body’s response to the stress was losing hair.

“A week before my wedding, I couldn’t believe how thin my hair had gotten.  I wanted something to help my hair look thicker.  That’s when I turned to DK International.  They applied hair extensions to thicken my hair and they looked just like my own hair.  Not a single person could tell I had extensions in…exactly what I was going for.  My hairdresser had an easy time working with the extensions.  They curled just like my hair normally does!  I’m so glad I decided to get the extensions for my wedding.  Thanks DK!”


Who do you know that’s losing their hair due to the stress of planning their wedding?  Contact DK International today to find the solution that works best for you.  Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair allows us to add as little or as much hair as you’d like.  Follow us on Facebook where we post our blog updates and you can share us with the bride-to-be you know!