Human Hair: The Benefits Of Purchasing A Follea Hair System

folleaIf you’re looking for a human hair wig, DK International has the perfect hair replacement product for you.  In this blog, read about what makes Follea human hair wigs a great investment for those seeking the luxury of natural hair.

Follea’s quality starts at the beginning when they first acquire the hair they use on their hair systems.  Some companies that provide a lower cost wig will construct their wigs with floor swept hair.  This results in the hair cuticles facing different directions.  If you run a piece of hair through your thumb and index finger, you will notice that when you run it one way, it slides easily through, while the opposite way it grabs.  The cuticles all run the same way on natural hair and should run the same way on a human hair wig.  Since there is no way to efficiently tell if the cuticles of floor swept hair are all running the same way, manufacturers of wigs that collect their hair this way remove the cuticle of the hair by first giving it an acid bath and then coating it in polyurethane to bring back the smoothness and shine.  Otherwise, the opposite facing cuticles would stick to each other creating a tangled, matted wig.

Follea gathers all of their hair from ponytails, thus ensuring all cuticles are facing the same direction.  Because of their high standards of where they get their hair, it eliminates the need to chemically process the hair, thus resulting in a more natural and durable hair system.  Most of Follea’s hair is also European hair. This allows us to provide you with a wig that requires less color treating.  In fact, Follea only needs to color the wig a shade or two up or down, depending on your preference.  This leaves you with a hair system that is as close to your own natural hair as possible.

Now that you know more about Follea hair systems, you can become even more confident in your investment by contacting DK International today for your free one-hour consultation.  DK International is a Chanhassen, MN based hair loss salon located just twenty minutes outside of Minneapolis.  During your consultation, you’ll have the chance to sit one-on-one with a technician who will go through all of your hair loss product options and answer all of your questions.  Connect with us on Facebook to stay up to date on how we’re helping our clients with their hair replacement needs!

The Benefits Of Having Multiple Wigs

When a woman buys a wig, she may fear missing the ability to change the color of her hair with the changing seasons.  However, many women have enjoyed the two solutions in which I’m going to talk about in this blog, Cyberhair and human hair wigs.


One of the best things about being a woman is the ability to play around with fashion and updating different looks throughout the year.  It’s so much fun to try new clothes, accessories, makeup, and hairstyles.  However, when changing your hair isn’t an option, changing your wig could be.



Cyberhair wigs are an excellent option because they are inexpensive enough to justify more than one wig, and durable enough to hold up to no matter what life throws at you.  Although you can’t change the color of a Cyberhair wig, you do have the option of purchasing color variations of the same wig for different seasons.  Darker tones are perfect for the fall and winter months, while it’s fun to have a sudden pop of a lighter color when spring comes around.


Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are soft, luxurious, and possess that natural sheen of human hair.  They can also be colored.  If you choose to color your human hair wig, you should have the service done minimally to protect the integrity of the cuticles of the hair, and also by a trained professional.  Coloring a human hair wig is different than coloring hair that is naturally grown, so be sure to schedule this service with a technician at DK International to get the beautiful fall look you desire!


Have you been wig shopping only to find you have questions you can’t easily find the answers to?  There comes a point in time when it’s just easier to talk to an experienced professional face to face.  As your trusted partner in your hair replacement solution, DK International is here to help.  We’re a Minneapolis based hair replacement salon located in the suburb of Chanhassen, MN.  Call today for your free one-hour consultation with one of our trained technicians and we’ll get your questions answered and your concerns eased.  Connect with us on Facebook so you can see what we’re doing for our clients’ hair replacement needs!

High Quality Natural Hair

medium_2508700337At DK International we only offer the best to our clients.  From our service, products, and advice, we provide what’s best for you.  During your one-hour consultation we’ll go through the type of hair loss you are experiencing, the different solutions the industry provides, and what’s going to fit into your style and budget.  If it turns out a human hair system is right for you, then you’ll be educated on one of the best in the industry; a wig from Follea.  Follea wigs are made with 100% European Remy ponytail hair.  It’s amazing when women try on one of these hair systems!  Because of the lace top and the fact that cap is hand knotted, it looks and feels just like your own natural hair right down to the last detail. 

Follea hair is special right from the beginning in the way they treat each individual hair.  Every natural hair system must go through some processing, which is why Follea hair is Remy hair.  Remy means that layers of cuticle are gently removed from the hair in-house in small batches.  Removing the cuticle allows for hand-knotting the hair onto lace, which creates Follea’s natural lace-front designs that don’t require glue.  To give more volume “return” hairs are tied in along with longer hairs to create the desired amount of volume.  Every hair has a direction, or grain, like in wood.  If the cuticle isn’t removed it causes matting and easy tangling since the hairs are lying in opposing directions to create the volume. 

Even though Follea must process even the highest quality European hair, their process is unique in that it is done carefully and in small batches to maintain the integrity of the hair.  Lower cost hair through hair processors often use “swept-off-the-floor” hair and subject it to an acid bath in large vats.  Processing hair in this way can greatly damage the strength of the human hair on your hair system. 

Follow DK International on Facebook for more inside information on the different human hair system offerings.  Even the lower cost human hair options can be high cost, so no matter your choice you want to make sure you’re making an investment that will work for you. 

Human Hair Options

Hair Loss Salon In Bloomington, Minnesota, Option Picture - d.k. InternationalLast week we gave a quick overview of the different types of hair available for hair restoration solutions.  The available types of hair for systems, accents, and wigs are synthetic hair, Cyberhair and human hair.  Depending on your lifestyle and budget, all three are great options for hair replacement solutions.  Synthetic hair is a man-made fiber that is extremely easy to handle, is long lasting, and durable.  However, individuals experiencing hair loss that want a more versatile product often opt for human hair.  Human hair is more costly than synthetic hair, but the higher price allows you to use hot styling tools, get perms, and add color.

There are two different types of human hair to choose from:

  • Indian
  • European


Did you know that Indian hair isn’t necessarily from India?  At least that’s not the case anymore.  Now the hair may also come from other regions such as the Philippines and China.  Indian hair tends to hold a curl better and more closely resembles coarse, human hair with lots of body.  This type of hair is the more budget friendly option for human hair.  This is due to the extra processing it goes through to reduce the diameter of each hair as well as change the color.  During processing, the integrity of the hair can be compromised, but the lighter colors of hair are more affected by this.


If your own natural hair is soft and silky, you may want to look into European hair for your hair restoration solution.  European hair is known for its strength and texture because of the minimal amount of processing it goes through.  The diameter of the hair is already small and many color options are available, thus providing a minimally processed product to its end user.  Because of this, European hair can be extremely expensive.

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