Versatility Of Human Hair

Miranda After

Miranda After

One of the most exciting parts about hair is the versatility of it.  Some women like to be creative with their styles, whereas other women prefer a practical look.  No matter which category you fall in to, having control over your style is what makes you, you.  From styling tools to perms to changing the color of it, the options are endless.  If your hair has started thinning or has started to fall out due to medical reasons, it can be devastating to realize the loss of versatility and creativity with your hair.  It can feel like you’ve lost a piece of your identity, after all, your hair is like your signature that you wear every day. 


Did you know that you could get that little piece of “you” back?  It may seem like wigs and hair systems are more fragile than they are, but they are surprisingly durable, if you treat them right.  Human hair wigs, systems, and extensions can be treated almost exactly as your own natural hair.  To properly care for a human hair wig it should be washed and conditioned, just like natural hair.  Hot styling tools can also be used on human hair wigs, such as blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.  Human hair wigs can also be permed and colored, but these services should never be attempted at home as they require special training.



Coloring human hair wigs is possible, but should always be done with your stylist.  Several tests should be completed in a discrete area to achieve the desired color.  The color will fade over time, just like natural hair, and will need to be touched up or recovered.



Perming should never be attempted at home.  Consulting your stylist for this service will help you preserve your investment in your human hair wig, while adding some fun curl.


DK International offers many services for human hair wigs.  Our specially trained technicians can educate you on what is and isn’t possible with your wig or hair system and will help you discover a style that makes you feel like yourself.  For continued tips and advice on how best to care for your human hair wig or system follow DK International on Facebook