2 New Solutions For Secure, Comfortable Full Cap Wigs

small_3737662943If you know you’re going to be experiencing hair loss, one concern you might have is how comfortable your hair replacement solution is going to be, especially with an active lifestyle.  Many people have found solutions by turning to high quality hair replacement solutions.  Follea has taken the issue of comfort and has worked hard to achieve a comfortable hair replacement system that stays in place.  In this post, we will go over how Follea has solved the problem of comfortable wigs for people with active lifestyles.

Follea wigs are made especially for those who are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, radiation, chemotherapy, or other causes.  While bonding is a solution to keeping your wig in place during activities such as working out, or enjoying the outdoors, it can be uncomfortable on sensitive skin caused by alopecia or chemotherapy.  Follea has designed a collection called Gripper-2, which meets the needs of comfort and durability. 

Two popular styles from the Gripper-2 collection are Gripper Cool and the Gripper Sport:

Gripper Cool

The Gripper Cool is a great system for every day use.  It doesn’t use elastic to stay on the head, but silicone.  Silicone acts like elastic, but it’s not too tight so it won’t give you a headache at the end of a long day of wear.  The silicone works because the human head is smaller at the bottom than the top and the silicone grips comfortably to your head.

Gripper Sport

The gripper sport has the same silicone design of the Gripper Cool, but Follea has added 13 layers of silicone for added security, which is essential to a windy day or intense activity such as bike riding or running. 

Now that you’re aware of Follea’s option for comfortable wigs that stay in place, you need to find a certified Follea salon.  That’s where DK International can help.  Contact DK International for your free one-hour consultation where you’ll be able to try on and feel a Follea gripper wig.  Our trained technicians will help you choose the best option for you so you’re secure in your investment.  Follow us and be sociable with us on Facebook and share this blog with the person you know that is concerned with going through hair loss.

High Quality Natural Hair

medium_2508700337At DK International we only offer the best to our clients.  From our service, products, and advice, we provide what’s best for you.  During your one-hour consultation we’ll go through the type of hair loss you are experiencing, the different solutions the industry provides, and what’s going to fit into your style and budget.  If it turns out a human hair system is right for you, then you’ll be educated on one of the best in the industry; a wig from Follea.  Follea wigs are made with 100% European Remy ponytail hair.  It’s amazing when women try on one of these hair systems!  Because of the lace top and the fact that cap is hand knotted, it looks and feels just like your own natural hair right down to the last detail. 

Follea hair is special right from the beginning in the way they treat each individual hair.  Every natural hair system must go through some processing, which is why Follea hair is Remy hair.  Remy means that layers of cuticle are gently removed from the hair in-house in small batches.  Removing the cuticle allows for hand-knotting the hair onto lace, which creates Follea’s natural lace-front designs that don’t require glue.  To give more volume “return” hairs are tied in along with longer hairs to create the desired amount of volume.  Every hair has a direction, or grain, like in wood.  If the cuticle isn’t removed it causes matting and easy tangling since the hairs are lying in opposing directions to create the volume. 

Even though Follea must process even the highest quality European hair, their process is unique in that it is done carefully and in small batches to maintain the integrity of the hair.  Lower cost hair through hair processors often use “swept-off-the-floor” hair and subject it to an acid bath in large vats.  Processing hair in this way can greatly damage the strength of the human hair on your hair system. 

Follow DK International on Facebook for more inside information on the different human hair system offerings.  Even the lower cost human hair options can be high cost, so no matter your choice you want to make sure you’re making an investment that will work for you.