3 Hair Replacement Solutions

small_3664996852With the abundance of options out there in the hair replacement industry, it can be overwhelming to sift through the amount of information out there on the topic.  Many people have sought the help of a hair replacement salon offering a full line of products to help them choose which hair replacement solution is right for them.  In this blog, read about 3 hair replacement solutions that may work for your thinning hair.

Micro Point Solutions

Micro Point Solutions is an ideal product for those experiencing thinning hair.  Whether your hair has started to get thinner, or if you’ve always had thin hair, Micro Point Solutions is ideal for giving your hair instant body and volume.  This healthy and safe alternative to traditional extensions uses Cyberhair, which is 1/3 the weight of human hair, so it won’t pull or cause stress to your naturally growing hair.

Hair Systems

Hair systems are great for people who need partial coverage for thinning or bald areas.  There are four different types of hair systems to choose from, depending on the amount of partial hair loss you are experiencing:

  • Part System – Ideal for thinning in the part and/or crown area
  • Top of Head System – Ideal for thinning and/or bald on the top of the head and/or sides
  • ¾ System – Ideal for overall thinning but for those who still maintain a natural hairline
  • Integration System – Ideal for over all thinning hair

Hair systems are ideal for men and women with Alopecia Areata, Trichotillamania, or medically related hair loss.

Full Cap Wigs

Full cap wigs are designed for full coverage of your scalp.  There are three options for the cap portion of the wig:

  • Machine Made
  • Monofilament Top
  • Fully Hand Tied

All full cap wigs consist of a combination of fabrics and compounds to replicate natural hair growth patterns and the look of the scalp.  Machine made caps work well for people experiencing partial hair loss.  They are made of a smooth elastic so it has the ability to stretch to fit one’s head.  This option may present limitations in quality.  Fully hand tied caps have knots that are tied very close together with 3-4 strands of hair per knot.  This type of cap is durable and gives the illusion of hair growing right out of the scalp no matter where you part.  Monofilament Tops combine the two caps, which includes a fully hand tied top and a machine made back, which allows wearers to be comfortable with a natural looking top.

Now that you know more about the many different solutions out there for those experiencing thinning hair, you may be looking for a full-service hair replacement salon to help you make your selection.  Contact DK International today for a free one-hour consultation.  You will sit one-on-one with a technician and, together, you’ll choose the best solution to fit your lifestyle and budget.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook!

3 Hair Replacement Solutions Offered By DK International

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Has your hair loss become something you’re ready to do something about?  Instead of going through the journey alone, many people have used DK International for their hair replacement needs.  In this blog, learn about DK International and the many hair replacement solutions we offer.

Losing your hair, especially if you’re a woman, can make you feel alone.  However, it may be a more common occurrence than you think.  Hair replacement solutions today are so advanced that unless someone points it out, you’re likely never to know whether someone’s hair is natural or not; and DK International is your expert in the hair replacement industry.  Below are just a few of the ways we can help our clients:

Hair Systems – DK International offers hair systems for any type of coverage you need.  We will help you determine whether you need a top of head, back of head, or a full coverage solution.  We’ll also help you find the system that fits your budget the best by educating you on the many different types of hair you can choose from, such as human hair, synthetic hair, or Cyberhair.

MicroPoint Solutions – If your hair is thinning, but you need coverage to suit you before you transition into either a partial or full-coverage solution, DK International can help you with a product called MicroPoint Solutions.  From discrete coverage on the top of your head, to offering more body to the back and sides of your head, MicroPoint Solutions is the perfect product to help you transition gracefully through the different stages of hair loss.

Hair Products – Our hair replacement salon offers a full line of products for people with thinning hair.  From lightweight hairspray and mousse to products that actually stimulate hair growth, DK International has it all.  We also carry the only FDA approved at-home laser device that has been scientifically proven to regenerate growth from dormant follicles, the HairMax Laser Comb.

DK International is your full service hair loss salon.  If you’re tired of feeling like there isn’t anything you can do about your hair loss, contact us today to schedule your free one-hour consultation.  During your one on one consultation with a technician to go over the many different solutions available to you, you’ll find a solution that fits your style, lifestyle, and budget.  Connect with our online community via Facebook today to see how we’re helping our clients with their hair replacement needs!

3 Solutions To Female Pattern Baldness

micropointHave you ever dreamed of having a full head of thick, long hair?  For some women, the pursuit of thick hair may be a never-ending battle, becoming more difficult to fight the older they get.  In this blog, read about how DK International can help with making hair appear thicker with a safe, lightweight product; Cyberhair.


As women age and progress into menopause, hormonal changes affect the body in a multitude of ways.  One of the effects of menopause is on the hair.  Every woman possesses trace amounts of the male hormone, testosterone and as the hormone changes, it can be converted in to DHT.  DHT itself doesn’t necessarily cause hair loss, however certain enzymes that bind DHT to follicles can inhibit hair growth, thus causing it to fall out.  Dealing with hair loss can feel like a losing battle, especially if the concerned woman has had to fight with thin hair all her life.  However, thanks to many advances in the hair replacement industry, hair loss doesn’t have to be an absolute outcome of aging.  Cyberhair has created three amazing products to help women whose hair is naturally thin, thinning, or falling out altogether, Micro Point Solutions:


Micro Point Links

Typical female pattern baldness begins at the top, center of the head along the part line.  Micro Point Links are four Cyberhairs professionally knotted onto one strand of your existing hair.  The knots are so small and invisible that this is the perfect solution for women experiencing hair loss on the top of the head.


Micro Point Accents

Micro Point Accents are great for filling in the areas of the head that are slightly less visible.  Accents are 100 Cyberhairs attached to a tiny sterling silver bead, which are fastened to your own hair using no adhesives.  Accents are the ideal solution for women requiring more coverage on the sides of the head.


Micro Point Panels

For over all thickness, Panels act just like traditional hair extensions.  However, the difference is the lightweight of Cyberhair vs. heavier traditional synthetic hair, making Panels more comfortable.  Panels are attached using a medical-grade adhesive, which will either grow out with your hair or are easily and comfortably removed.


Women experiencing female pattern baldness may feel like their solutions are limited, but thanks to DK International, a Minneapolis based hair loss salon located in the suburb of Chanhassen, MN, there is a solution no matter the type of hair loss you are experiencing.  Contact DK International today for your free one-hour consultation to become educated by one of our trained technicians on the right hair loss solution for you!  Connect with us on Facebook to get updated on our blog posts and to see how we’re helping our clients with their hair replacement needs!  

3 Causes Of Female Pattern Baldness

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If you’re a woman who has thinning hair on the top of your head, you may be experiencing female pattern baldness.  Some women are unsure of why they are losing their hair and where they can go to get answers and help.  In this blog I’m going to talk about female pattern baldness, the causes, and how DK International can help.

Female pattern baldness happens in women for three reasons: hormones, aging, and genes.  Hair follicles produce hair at an average of ½ inch per month.  The normal cycle of a hair is growth for 2 to 6 years, a resting period, at which point it falls out.  Each day it’s normal to lose a certain amount of hair, but baldness occurs when old hair that falls out isn’t replaced by new hair.  Below are some symptoms of female pattern baldness:

  • Hair thins on the top and crown of the scalp.  This usually starts with a widening of the center hair part.
  • The front hairline will remain.
  • Hair loss rarely progresses as far as total baldness as it may in male pattern baldness or alopecia.

When a woman’s hair loss exhibits these signs, it could be because of age.  However, changes in hormones after menopause could also be the cause of female pattern baldness when the levels of androgens change.  If you have a family history of male or female pattern baldness, your own pattern baldness may be genetic.

No matter the reason why your hair is falling out, DK International can help you through this difficult transition.  In Thursday’s blog, I’m going to be writing about the treatments and hair replacement solutions DK International provides to our clients experiencing female pattern baldness.  Do you know a woman who is embarrassed by their thinning hair?  Tell them about DK International and we’ll consult with them about their solutions in our discrete salon with our experienced technicians.  Connect with us on Facebook to see how we’ve helped other women with female pattern baldness!