A Positive Attitude Can Help You Cope With Hair Loss

As we discussed in our last blog post, coping with hair loss can be a difficult thing. It can color your days and overshadow your happy moments. Having a positive attitude toward life and hair loss can help you cope – but that’s much easier said than done.


Before we continue, we first want to urge anyone who is having trouble dealing with hair loss to discuss your feelings with a professional. Hair loss is a very real cause of depression and related ailments, and if that’s the case for you, you may need help to address and overcome those roadblocks.


positive attitude toward hair loss


So how can you have a more positive attitude when you’re dealing with hair loss? Here are a few tips:


Treat yourself like you’d treat others.

Would you shame one of your close friends or family members who had bald spots or complete hair loss? Would you say that they are any less attractive because of it? Of course not. So don’t talk about yourself that way either.


Surround yourself with positive people.

We all have a couple of Debbie Downers in our lives. It may be a good idea to take a break from those people until you’re feeling more emotionally stable. Instead, spend time with people who inspire you and help you to see the good things in life.


Laugh as often as you can.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, so find ways to have fun! Watch funny movies, see comedy shows and spend time with the people that make you laugh.


Engage in self-care.

Get a massage, take a yoga class, go for a long walk, dig in the garden, meditate, or do whatever makes you feel happy, healthy and at peace.


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Hair Loss 101: Causes and Symptoms

What are the Main Causes and Symptoms of Hair Loss?

hair loss

Hair loss is not a fun side-effect to have to deal with and can cause many of us to become self-conscious about our appearance. However, most of us will not be able to avoid it, either early on or when we get older. There are many different types of hair loss as well as causes. Some are inevitable but some can be prevented and treated. Here are the main causes and symptoms of hair loss:

Hair Loss Causes

Family history – Hair loss is inherited in most cases, also known as male or female-pattern baldness.

Stress – This could be from physical stress from surgery or an injury, an illness or emotional stress.

Chemotherapy – This powerful medicine destroys cancer cells but also the cells that help you grow hair.

Physical damage – Pulling on your hair too tightly from ponytails or braids can cause loss. Using curling irons or straighteners too often, as well as coloring your hair can damage it as well.

Age – The older you get, the less your hair will grow naturally. Your hair will get thinner and tends to break more often.

Poor diet – Protein and iron are big building blocks for growing your hair. Any deficiencies in these two will have cause you to lose hair.

Thyroid disease – Most commonly hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism will play a big part in hair loss as well, also combining with stress and diet.

Hair Loss Symptoms

Your symptoms will depend on the type of hair loss you have. Thinning hair happens over time, so you will probably not notice them falling out. If you hair is shedding, you will lose your hair in clumps that fall out. You may notice hair on your pillow after sleeping, or excessive hair in your brush or shower. A general loss of hair would cause you to lose hair all over your scalp, but focal hair loss is in just one area. Inherited hair loss will cause bald spots around the forehead or on the top of the head.

Contact us today to schedule a free one-hour consultation, where you will meet one-on-one with one of our experienced technicians to discuss the type of hair loss you’re experiencing and the solution that best fits with your lifestyle and budget needs. We offer various products that will aid in your treatment including volume solutions and professional strength products.

What Causes Hormonal Hair Loss?

Treatments and Remedies for Hormonal Hair Loss

hormonal hair lossWomen may experience hormonal hair loss, thinning hair or patchy bald spots some time in their lives. This is a normal process. However, some may experience a more drastic loss, especially after giving birth, reaching menopause or experiencing other hormone imbalances. Some of the common causes, treatments and remedies for hormonal hair loss are listed below.


Causes of Hormonal Hair Loss

  • Excess Estrogen – Too much estrogen can be caused by weight gain or toxicity from exposure to endocrine disruptions in food, water and plastic products, which can all cause thinning hair.
  • Insulin Issues – Some women with markers of insulin resistance have a greater risk for female pattern baldness.
  • Testosterone – An increase in testosterone in women can cause hair growth on the neck, face and chest, and a decrease on the head.
  • Thyroid – Fluctuating thyroid levels may redirect the energy used for non-critical processes such as hair growth and focus more on balancing hormones. Low thyroids are often the cause of a thinning scalp in women.

Treatments and Remedies for Hormonal Hair Loss

  • Get tested and check your glucose and iron levels as well as blood count.
  • Eating clean, with more fiber, can help lower estrogen levels.
  • A high protein and low carb diet, full of veggies, can also help.
  • Taking a multivitamin daily to get the nutrients that you need such as Vitamin E (protects hair cells) and Vitamin B (restores hair thickness and shine).
  • Managing your stress levels and getting enough sleep are also simple ways to improve your lifestyle and eliminate drastic hair loss.

Our Bloomington, Minnesota location makes it easy for clients to receive the treatments they seek, including haircuts, perms, coloring, attachments, bonds, reconditioning of human or synthetic hair, Cyberhair rejuvenation, wig repair, scalp treatments, and Micro Point Solutions Hair systems.


Contact us today to schedule a free one-hour consultation, where you will meet one-on-one with one of our experienced technicians to discuss the type of hair loss you’re experiencing and the solution that best fits with your lifestyle and budget needs.


Stress And Hair Loss: What You Need To Know

Women today are under more stress than ever.  When that stress results in permanent or temporary hair loss, it can cause even more worry, thus resulting in continuous adverse results.  If stress has caused hair loss in your life, you’ll want to read this blog to see how DK International is there to help you.

Some women react to stress by gaining or losing weight, skin reactions, or constantly feeling tired.  However, some women react in a way they may feel they have no control over, losing their hair, technically called telogen effluvium.  When your body survives a traumatic event, it has a sudden build up of energy it must release.  When hair loss is the result, your hair in both the resting and growing phase all shifts to the shedding phase.  Since 90% of hair is in one of these two phases, it can cause hair to fall out by the hand full.  It may not be fully realized why your hair is falling out considering this extreme shedding can happen one month to 6 weeks after the event actually occurred.  Stressful events that may cause your hair to fall out include:

  • Child birth
  • Malnutrition
  • A severe infection
  • Major surgery
  • Extreme stress

Telogen effluvium can go into full remission, however to prevent reoccurrence the person suffering should avoid future traumatic events.  For some women, however, this is a chronic disorder with no known trigger or stressors.

Unexplained hair loss can be traumatic enough.  DK International is a Minneapolis based hair loss salon specializing in hair replacement for men and women.  If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss, you may have the temporary or chronic condition of telogen effluvium.  Contact DK International today for a free one-hour consultation.  One of our trained and experienced technicians will sit with you one-on-one and educate you on the type of hair loss you’re experiencing.  We’ll address your concerns and answer your questions, leaving you confident that you’re making the right choice in your hair replacement solution.  Connect with us on Facebook to see how we’re helping our clients every day find the perfect temporary or long term hair replacement solution for them!

5 Benefits Of Synthetic Hair Wigs

If you’re wig shopping, you may be wondering about what type of wig is right for you.  At DK International, a hair loss salon just outside of Minneapolis, we see a lot medium_3869865330of people diagnosed with cancer requiring chemo treatments opt for a synthetic hair wig because of how this type of wig fits into the budget.  In this blog, I want to address the benefits of synthetic hair wigs.

If you’re about to go through chemotherapy treatments, you may have been told that your hair is going to fall out two weeks after your first treatment.  To receive this news while you’re already wrapping your mind around your diagnosis of cancer can be devastating and mind-boggling.  Once the information sinks in and you start to shop for wigs online, you may realize that there are many options to choose from.  Since your hair is likely to grow back after you’re finished with chemo treatments, you may only need a wig for about one year, which makes you lean towards synthetic hair wigs because of their lower sticker price.  Below are 5 benefits of choosing a synthetic hair wig:

  • Less expensive than natural hair wigs
  • Advances in technology produce synthetic fibers that are very similar to how natural hair looks and feels
  • Washing and exposure to humidity won’t change the style
  • Colors won’t fade in the sun
  • Lighter in weight, therefore more comfortable

Have you or someone you’re close to been diagnosed with cancer requiring chemotherapy treatments?  Don’t go through the wig shopping process without the help of trained professionals.  DK International has over 40 years in the hair replacement industry as a Minneapolis based hair loss salon.  Contact us today to schedule your free one-hour consultation and we’ll help you choose the right wig, look, and color for you.  We’ll answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns in a professional, experienced, and patient manner.  Dealing with the diagnosis of cancer is difficult enough without going through the process of losing your hair, so let us be part of your support system.  Connect with us on Facebook to read about the advances in the hair replacement industry and how we can help you with your hair loss.

3 Causes Of Female Pattern Baldness

Group Before

If you’re a woman who has thinning hair on the top of your head, you may be experiencing female pattern baldness.  Some women are unsure of why they are losing their hair and where they can go to get answers and help.  In this blog I’m going to talk about female pattern baldness, the causes, and how DK International can help.

Female pattern baldness happens in women for three reasons: hormones, aging, and genes.  Hair follicles produce hair at an average of ½ inch per month.  The normal cycle of a hair is growth for 2 to 6 years, a resting period, at which point it falls out.  Each day it’s normal to lose a certain amount of hair, but baldness occurs when old hair that falls out isn’t replaced by new hair.  Below are some symptoms of female pattern baldness:

  • Hair thins on the top and crown of the scalp.  This usually starts with a widening of the center hair part.
  • The front hairline will remain.
  • Hair loss rarely progresses as far as total baldness as it may in male pattern baldness or alopecia.

When a woman’s hair loss exhibits these signs, it could be because of age.  However, changes in hormones after menopause could also be the cause of female pattern baldness when the levels of androgens change.  If you have a family history of male or female pattern baldness, your own pattern baldness may be genetic.

No matter the reason why your hair is falling out, DK International can help you through this difficult transition.  In Thursday’s blog, I’m going to be writing about the treatments and hair replacement solutions DK International provides to our clients experiencing female pattern baldness.  Do you know a woman who is embarrassed by their thinning hair?  Tell them about DK International and we’ll consult with them about their solutions in our discrete salon with our experienced technicians.  Connect with us on Facebook to see how we’ve helped other women with female pattern baldness!


3 Kinds Of Prosthetic Eyelashes And How To Use Them

medium_4952101701If you have alopecia, it’s natural to be concerned about losing the hair on your head.  It’s the most obvious change to your look you will notice.  However, one problem people diagnosed with alopecia might face, that they may not be thinking about, is the loss of their eyelashes.  In this blog I want to talk about three kinds of prosthetic eyelashes and how to use them.


Traditional – Traditional lashes are what most people have heard of.  They can be inexpensive and found at your local drug store.  They can be made out of synthetic fibers or they can be higher end and made out of human hair.  Either way, they are both applied and attached to your lid the same way.  You must dab a line of glue along your lid, let it dry until tacky, and then affix the lashes to the glue.  You should allow the glue to fully dry before further manipulation of the lash.  The quality of the lashes and the application are what is going to determine how natural of a look you achieve.


Individual – If your lashes haven’t completely fallen out, but they are thinning, you can achieve your desired look with individual lashes.  They come in a cluster of two to three lashes and are individually affixed to the places where more thickness is desired.


Fashion – If you’re going out on the town, or just want a fun and unique look, try fashion lashes.  They come in different colors and materials that are perfect for creating a more artistic look.  Whether the fashion lashes you choose are made from colored metallic fibers or fun feathers, you will have to use the same eyelash adhesive used by traditional and individual lashes.


Eyelashes aren’t only important for achieving your natural look; they are also necessary for the health of your eyes.  When you squint or instinctively blink because of dust or other debris in the air, your eyelashes are doing the job of keeping those particles out of your eyes. 

If you have been diagnosed with alopecia and you’re not looking forward to the tedious work of applying prosthetic eyelashes to your lids, DK International is here to help!  Contact us today for your free one-hour consultation and in that consultation we’ll go over the type of prosthetic eyelashes that are right for you.  Once we determine the color, style, and type, one of our experienced and steady technicians can apply the lashes for you.  Follow us on Facebook and join our online community!  Share your story and how DK International helped you.  Or, share us with the close friend or family member you know that has concerns about losing their hair.

Our Commitment To Your Discretion

homepage-slide3People with thinning hair are going through a major life change.  Their biggest concern is maintaining their ability to lead their life as normally as possible.  When people they know begin to know about their hair loss, explaining the situation disrupts normal life.  It can feel like people are showing pity when, really, they just want to show you genuine care and concern.  However, explaining your situation and what you’re doing about it over and over again can become wearing.  In this blog I’m going to talk about DK International’s commitment to our clients’ discretion and why we’ve chosen to run our salon this way.


Imagine walking into a salon and running into an acquaintance from your church.  Her salon appointment is for a regular cut and color and you lie and tell her you’re in for the same thing when you’re really in to address your thinning hair.  When your stylists bring you both back to their stations, your heart sinks when you realize you’ll be seated right next to each other.  You explain your thinning hair, red faced, to your stylist while you glance out of the corner of your eye at the acquaintance.  She looks as uncomfortable as you and you silently beg her not to tell anyone else in your church.  Next Sunday is sure to be uncomfortable when you mingle with other church members, wondering who knows.


Now, picture yourself walking into a salon that doesn’t look like your typical salon from the outside.  It’s in a business park, the parking lot is in back and well concealed, and there isn’t any obvious signage.  When you walk through the doors it looks just like a regular salon.  There is a waiting area with products for sale, a reception desk, and the atmosphere is modern and very soothing.  Your stylist gathers you from the waiting area and brings you to her station, which is located in a private room.  She sits down across from you and makes eye contact with you while she asks you about your hair.  Immediately you know you’ve found a place where you can openly and freely discuss your lifestyle, diet, and health concerns that may be causing your thinning hair.


DK International practices strict discretion right down to our name.  We don’t advertise, so only the people that need to know about us understand why people come to our salon.  Even the mailings you receive from us won’t obviously disclose what our industry is.  We know that what you’re going through and how you deal with your thinning hair is a very personal and private matter, so we handle our clients’ discretion with care and the utmost seriousness.  Contact DK International today for your private and free one-on-one consultation.  Follow us on Facebook so you can hear about all of the innovative ways we’re helping people with their hair loss.  We don’t advertise, so share us with the close friend or family member you know that has expressed worry about dealing with their thinning hair!