3 Lupus Hair Loss Solutions

Some people experiencing hair loss may be losing their hair due to a condition called lupus.  Lupus may cause temporary or permanent hair loss, thus resulting in the need for hair replacement.  In this blog, read about how lupus causes hair loss and the solutions a Minneapolis hair loss salon based out of Chanhassen, MN, DK International has available for you.


Lupus is a disease that causes widespread inflammation on your body, mainly on the face and scalp.  The inflammation caused by lupus damages the hair follicles on your body, thus causing either temporary or permanent hair loss.  In most cases, after lupus is treated, your hair will grow back.  However, severe cases can cause lesions, which can scar the hair follicles.  When hair follicles become scarred, permanent hair loss is experienced.  Although the hair loss may not be all over, you may be left with bald spots where the lesions occurred.  Lupus can also cause hair to break off easily around the hairline, leaving behind a ragged appearance.  Below are three ways DK International can help with hair loss caused by lupus:


  • MicroPoint Accents – Accents are ideal for those experiencing thinning hair due to lupus.  When individual hairs break off, all over coverage is not needed, thus making MicroPoint Accents a convenient choice.  In this type of hair loss caused by lupus, MicroPoint Accents are tied to individual existing hairs, which fill in thinning hair nicely.  Accents will naturally grow out as your hair grows and fills in after your treatment from lupus.
  • MicroPoint Links – Links are ideal for those with hair breakage around the hairline.  They are one Cyberhair attached to your existing hair making them great for filling in exposed areas of the head such as the front and top of your head.
  • MicroPoint Panels – Panels are ideal for those who are left with bald spots after their lupus treatment.  Panels work excellent for the sides and back of your head and can fill in areas where a spot of hair loss has occurred.  Using a strong adhesive, panels will grow out with your existing hair, or can be safely and comfortably removed at any time.


Have you or someone you know experienced hair loss due to lupus?  DK International has the hair replacement solution for you!  If you’re unsure of which type of hair replacement method you should use, contact DK International today for a free one-hour consultation.  You’ll meet one-on-one with one of our expert technicians, who will answer your questions on the type of hair loss you’re experiencing and will help you choose a hair replacement plan.  Connect with DK International today on Facebook so you can see how we’re helping our clients with their hair loss solutions!