Stress And Hair Loss: What You Need To Know

Women today are under more stress than ever.  When that stress results in permanent or temporary hair loss, it can cause even more worry, thus resulting in continuous adverse results.  If stress has caused hair loss in your life, you’ll want to read this blog to see how DK International is there to help you.

Some women react to stress by gaining or losing weight, skin reactions, or constantly feeling tired.  However, some women react in a way they may feel they have no control over, losing their hair, technically called telogen effluvium.  When your body survives a traumatic event, it has a sudden build up of energy it must release.  When hair loss is the result, your hair in both the resting and growing phase all shifts to the shedding phase.  Since 90% of hair is in one of these two phases, it can cause hair to fall out by the hand full.  It may not be fully realized why your hair is falling out considering this extreme shedding can happen one month to 6 weeks after the event actually occurred.  Stressful events that may cause your hair to fall out include:

  • Child birth
  • Malnutrition
  • A severe infection
  • Major surgery
  • Extreme stress

Telogen effluvium can go into full remission, however to prevent reoccurrence the person suffering should avoid future traumatic events.  For some women, however, this is a chronic disorder with no known trigger or stressors.

Unexplained hair loss can be traumatic enough.  DK International is a Minneapolis based hair loss salon specializing in hair replacement for men and women.  If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss, you may have the temporary or chronic condition of telogen effluvium.  Contact DK International today for a free one-hour consultation.  One of our trained and experienced technicians will sit with you one-on-one and educate you on the type of hair loss you’re experiencing.  We’ll address your concerns and answer your questions, leaving you confident that you’re making the right choice in your hair replacement solution.  Connect with us on Facebook to see how we’re helping our clients every day find the perfect temporary or long term hair replacement solution for them!