The History Of Laser Light Therapy

small__1473119523If you’re considering the HairMax Lasercomb to stimulate growth of new hair, you probably want to know more about phototherapy.  Phototherapy, or laser light therapy, has a long history as treatment for various types of conditions.  In this blog I’m going to talk about the history of laser light therapy and it’s evolution into the HairMax Lasercomb to be used to treat the scalp.

Laser light therapy has been used for centuries to treat different conditions.  What has changed throughout the years, however, is how we harness it.  We know that the Egyptians used light therapy by filtering light through precious gems to obtain a desired color.  Archaeologists excavating ancient Egyptian civilizations have found recorded documents dating back to 1550 BC on how they used light as a treatment.  In ancient Greece, solarium cities were built high in the mountains to capture intense UV light to heal tuberculosis.  They also used red light to treat smallpox.  It’s no surprise that modern day scientists and people in the medical field continued to study light and the positive effects it has in healing certain conditions.

In 1903, Niels Ryberg Finsen, M.D. was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in recognition for his work in treating patients successfully using concentrated light energy, or phototherapy.  This opened an entirely new avenue for medical science, so the researchers hit the ground running, anxious to discover what concentrated light could be used for.  Today, phototherapy is used in many places from treating jaundice in infants to adults who need relief from skin conditions.

The Lasercomb generates concentrated light in the red spectrum.  Applied for 15-18 minutes, three times per week, red spectrum concentrated light has been clinically proven to stimulate follicles and promote hair growth with a 93% success rate.  The HairMax Lasercomb invigorates hair follicles and increases circulation to the scalp.  Increased circulation removes harmful elements such as DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss.

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