The Benefits Of Cyberhair During The Summer

small__3901537243In the summer, one concern of someone who wears a wig full-time is the increased exposure to water.  Many people who wear a full cap wig have found a solution through Cyberhair that makes them worry less about water.  In this post, I’m going to talk about the benefits of switching to a Cyberhair full cap wig during the summer months in the event of a spontaneous water fight!

In the summer, people love water, so why shouldn’t your hair replacement solution love it too?  From pool parties, to boating, to sprinklers in the yard, Cyberhair can get drenched and it won’t affect the security of the wig or the style of your hair!

Human hair wigs are beautiful and luxurious, but it has one problem; it becomes waterlogged when it gets wet.  This can weigh the hair system down and compromise the security of the fit.  It dries slowly and will have to be restyled to bring it back to its original style.  Cyberhair solves these problems, while looking just as beautiful as human hair!  Cyberhair is created hair from nylon strands.  Because of its construction, Cyberhair doesn’t absorb water like human hair does, so it remains feather light wet or dry.  If Cyberhair gets wet it dries quickly with the shake of your head and lightly combing through it with your fingers.  Once it dries you will find it has amazing style retention.  So you’ll always look great, no matter how severe the downpour you’re caught in!

Each of the amazing qualities of Cyberhair makes us able to say that Cyberhair loves water, just as much as you do!  Now that you know the solution to looking great in wet or dry conditions, call DK International today to schedule your free one-hour consultation with one of our trained technicians.  Don’t hesitate; Cyberhair is holding a sale through June 28th, which will help you save up to $467 on your full cap Cyberhair system!  Connect with us on Facebook and share this blog to let the water loving person you know about Cyberhair and the sale that’s going on right now!

4 Benefits To Purchasing A Cyberhair Wig For Summer

medium_1128516692If you or someone you know wears a wig, in the summertime you may find yourself compromising comfort for beauty.  Many women who have experienced how hot a synthetic or human hair wig can be in the summer have turned to Cyberhair for their summertime hair replacement solution.  In this post I’m going to talk about the 4 benefits of purchasing a Cyberhair wig to have on hand for hot days.

Cyberhair isn’t human hair and it isn’t synthetic hair; it’s created hair!  Each strand is formed by nylon fibers that provide a multitude of benefits.  Here are four of them:

Light as a feather

Cyberhair is light as a feather.  Because of this, it remains cool and comfortable on hot summer days.  The weightless feel of the hair will respond to summer breezes in such a natural way that you won’t be able to wait until the next 80 degree day!

Loves water

Since Cyberhair is created from nylon, it doesn’t become saturated by water when it gets wet.  Cyberhair also possesses amazing style retention when it becomes wet.  Simply shake your head, comb your fingers gently through it and after it quickly dries it will look as it did before it got wet.  So, don’t worry about becoming stuck in a downpour or attending a pool party; no matter the occasion, you’ll look great!


When each Cyberhair is created, the color goes all the way through the nylon strand. This feature allows you to spend hours in the sun without worrying about your Cyberhair hair system fading.  This allows you to spend hours in the sun gardening or all day on the lake without worrying about your investment fading!

On sale!

Yes, right now Cyberhair is having a sale!  If you’re at all considering a hair system for the summer months, now is the time to jump on it.  The Cyberhair sale goes until June 28th where you can save up to $467 on a Cyberhair full cap wig system. 

Whether you are considering a Cyberhair wig system for full time use, or just for the summer months, DK International can help.  Schedule your free one-hour consultation today with one of our experienced technicians to touch and try on a Cyberhair system to see if it’s right for you.  Connect with us on Facebook to hear about all of the great things happening at DK International and share this blog to help someone you know beat the summer heat!

2 New Solutions For Secure, Comfortable Full Cap Wigs

small_3737662943If you know you’re going to be experiencing hair loss, one concern you might have is how comfortable your hair replacement solution is going to be, especially with an active lifestyle.  Many people have found solutions by turning to high quality hair replacement solutions.  Follea has taken the issue of comfort and has worked hard to achieve a comfortable hair replacement system that stays in place.  In this post, we will go over how Follea has solved the problem of comfortable wigs for people with active lifestyles.

Follea wigs are made especially for those who are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, radiation, chemotherapy, or other causes.  While bonding is a solution to keeping your wig in place during activities such as working out, or enjoying the outdoors, it can be uncomfortable on sensitive skin caused by alopecia or chemotherapy.  Follea has designed a collection called Gripper-2, which meets the needs of comfort and durability. 

Two popular styles from the Gripper-2 collection are Gripper Cool and the Gripper Sport:

Gripper Cool

The Gripper Cool is a great system for every day use.  It doesn’t use elastic to stay on the head, but silicone.  Silicone acts like elastic, but it’s not too tight so it won’t give you a headache at the end of a long day of wear.  The silicone works because the human head is smaller at the bottom than the top and the silicone grips comfortably to your head.

Gripper Sport

The gripper sport has the same silicone design of the Gripper Cool, but Follea has added 13 layers of silicone for added security, which is essential to a windy day or intense activity such as bike riding or running. 

Now that you’re aware of Follea’s option for comfortable wigs that stay in place, you need to find a certified Follea salon.  That’s where DK International can help.  Contact DK International for your free one-hour consultation where you’ll be able to try on and feel a Follea gripper wig.  Our trained technicians will help you choose the best option for you so you’re secure in your investment.  Follow us and be sociable with us on Facebook and share this blog with the person you know that is concerned with going through hair loss.

A Full Cap Wig You Can Swim In

small__5872078363If you’re experiencing partial to full hair loss, or know you will be experiencing it, you may have come across a hair system called Private Issue by Cyberhair.  To get a custom wig by Private Issue, you must work with a trained technician and an exclusive salon that works with Private Issue.  The salon you choose to work with will first consult with you on your lifestyle, desired hair color, the type of cap you’ll need, and your desired style.  If you’re concerned about looking great while enjoying your active lifestyle, don’t!  Private Issue by Cyberhair was made for people that are active and want to remain active!


Working out is no problem with the specially designed Private Issue cap.  Since Cyberhair is so light, and the cap is designed with active people in mind, air flows through it, keeping you comfortable when perspiring.  If you swim for exercise, be sure to mention that during your consultation as there are many different solutions to make sure the cap stays on in the pool, it all depends on the type of hair loss you are experiencing.  After you’re done swimming, or showering after your work out, there is no need to lug a blow dryer around.  Because Cyberhair loves water, all you need to do is shake your head and comb your fingers through your hair.  It dries so fast that there is no need for a blow dryer!  Since Cyberhair has color retention, chlorine and salt water have no effect on color, the sun won’t fade it, and feel free to wash it as often as you like.  Proper care and bringing your system to your Private Issue salon for revitalization will ensure a long lasting hair system that will look beautiful for years to come.


DK International is a Private Issue salon.  Share this blog with the person you know contemplating a hair replacement system and follow us on Facebook for continued tips and advancements in the hair replacement industry!