Human Hair Wig: 5 Tips To Preventing Frizz

medium_2341326003Do you have a human hair wig that is starting to lose its luster?  Many people have had great success in maintaining their human hair wig using the five steps to preventing a frizzy human hair wig listed out in this blog.   

People buy human hair wigs so they can style it just as they would with natural hair.  However, human hair wigs lack the ability to replace moisture lost due to the use of styling products and styling tools.  When moisture is lost in a human hair wig, the hair can become coarse, causing the hairs to tangle easily and become frizzy.  Wavy or curly human hair wigs are especially prone to becoming frizzy.  Your human hair wig is an investment.  You bought it for the natural beauty and versatility of style it gives you.  Prevent your wig from becoming a snarled mess by following these five frizz prevention steps:

  1. Keep your washings to a minimum.  It’s recommended that you wash your human hair wig no more than once per month if you can.
  2. Go natural – with your hair care products, that is!  Switch to products that contain natural oils to help replenish the moisture in your human hair wig.  Search for products that are alcohol-free.
  3. After you wash your human hair wig, apply an anti-frizz solution.  Keep the amount to a minimum to prevent your wig from looking greasy.
  4. Avoid heated styling tools to style your human hair wig.  Instead, experiment with foam rollers if you’re looking for a fun curl.
  5. Lose the split ends and take your human hair wig in for a professional trim.

If your human hair wig is too damaged for those steps to have any effect, DK International, a Minneapolis based hair loss salon, provides their clients with a wig reconditioning service.  Reconditioning will restore the cuticles, relax the hair, and bring the natural luster back to your human hair wig, which made you purchase it in the first place.

Are you worried about the condition of your human hair wig?  Contact DK International today and we’ll consult with you on making repairs to your investment.  Our experienced technicians know everything there is to know about wigs and maintaining their beauty, so put your beauty in our hands!  Connect with us on Facebook where we share the various ways we help our clients with their hair replacement solutions!