Human Hair: The Benefits Of Purchasing A Follea Hair System

folleaIf you’re looking for a human hair wig, DK International has the perfect hair replacement product for you.  In this blog, read about what makes Follea human hair wigs a great investment for those seeking the luxury of natural hair.

Follea’s quality starts at the beginning when they first acquire the hair they use on their hair systems.  Some companies that provide a lower cost wig will construct their wigs with floor swept hair.  This results in the hair cuticles facing different directions.  If you run a piece of hair through your thumb and index finger, you will notice that when you run it one way, it slides easily through, while the opposite way it grabs.  The cuticles all run the same way on natural hair and should run the same way on a human hair wig.  Since there is no way to efficiently tell if the cuticles of floor swept hair are all running the same way, manufacturers of wigs that collect their hair this way remove the cuticle of the hair by first giving it an acid bath and then coating it in polyurethane to bring back the smoothness and shine.  Otherwise, the opposite facing cuticles would stick to each other creating a tangled, matted wig.

Follea gathers all of their hair from ponytails, thus ensuring all cuticles are facing the same direction.  Because of their high standards of where they get their hair, it eliminates the need to chemically process the hair, thus resulting in a more natural and durable hair system.  Most of Follea’s hair is also European hair. This allows us to provide you with a wig that requires less color treating.  In fact, Follea only needs to color the wig a shade or two up or down, depending on your preference.  This leaves you with a hair system that is as close to your own natural hair as possible.

Now that you know more about Follea hair systems, you can become even more confident in your investment by contacting DK International today for your free one-hour consultation.  DK International is a Chanhassen, MN based hair loss salon located just twenty minutes outside of Minneapolis.  During your consultation, you’ll have the chance to sit one-on-one with a technician who will go through all of your hair loss product options and answer all of your questions.  Connect with us on Facebook to stay up to date on how we’re helping our clients with their hair replacement needs!