Thinning Hair: 2 Products To Add Volume And Style To Thinning Hair

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Men and women with thin or thinning hair often times run into the problem of finding a style product that won’t weigh down their fine hair.  Hair Support has two products on the market that many people have found to give more body to their thin hair.  In this blog I’m going to talk about Hair Support’s foaming styling mousse and shaping spray, so you can maintain your desired style even though your hair is thinning.

Thin hair can be difficult to manage.  In most cases, it may be acceptable to throw your hair up into a ponytail, or put a hat on for errand running.  However, when more body is desired, it can seem like most hair products have the opposite effect on fine hair.  Typical hair styling products can weigh down fine hair, make your hair feel sticky or greasy, and can build up on the scalp, which could cause even more hair loss.  Hair Support has two products that will add body, make your hair manageable, and keep it in place:

Hair Support Foaming Styling Mousse – This mousse is unlike any other mousse you have experienced.  It’s specially formulated for thin hair as it contains no oils, while at the same time is moisture rich.  The mousse will give your hair volume, body, and manageability without the stickiness or weight left behind by traditional mousses.  Silk protein amino acids and panthenol condition and strengthen hair.  Hair Support Styling Mousse is an environmentally conscious product that is both alcohol free and PH balanced.

Hair Support Shaping Spray – This shaping spray gives style maintenance for thin, fine hair.  Shaping spray gives hair shine, flexibility, and support.  It has a special fine-mist spray head so thin, fine hair doesn’t get weighed down.

Now that you know of these products that will maintain your hairstyle and body, even though it’s fine or thinning, stop in to DK International to pick up your supply of Hair Support products.  Schedule your free one-hour consultation today with one of our trained technicians to see if Hair Support products are right for you.  Connect with us on Facebook so you can share our blog with the person you know who is wondering what products are available for thin or thinning hair.