3 Grades Of Exclusive Premium Human Hair

small__1884898876When shopping for a human hair wig, you may run into some confusion over varying costs and what those costs mean.  Many people solve this problem by scheduling a consultation with one of our trained hair replacement technicians at DK International.  However, sometimes people like to research on their own before coming to the salon.  Whatever your preference, this blog will help you learn about the different grades of human hair through Follea.

Hand Selected Premium European

This type of human hair for wigs is the best of the best.  The cuticles remain in tact and Follea’s veteran sorters handpick the hair after initial bulk sorting.  Hand selected hair is rich and radiant with a brilliant shine.  Acting just like natural hair, hand selected premium European hair has responsive natural body and movement.

Premium European

Premium European hair is the top grade of hair separated during Follea’s bulk sorting process.  This grade of hair is perfect for subtle European colors.  Unlike hand-selected hair, premium European hair does go through processing, although it is moderate and gentle.

European Cuticle Removed

European cuticle removed hair is hair with medium to high denier, which is selected for durability with a mind to lightness.  Higher denier hair tolerates processing stress very well and is ideal for a full-time wearer who uses bonding applications.  Although European cuticle removed hair is the lowest grade hair offered through Follea, because it comes from Follea it is still well above industry standards of color.

There is a lot to know before you invest in the right wig for your type of hair loss and your lifestyle.  Now that you know a little more about the different grades of human hair available through Follea, you may find you have additional questions.  Schedule your free one-hour consultation today with one of our trained technicians by contacting DK International.  Find us on Facebook where we post before and after success stories, blog updates, and more!

Human Hair Options

Hair Loss Salon In Bloomington, Minnesota, Option Picture - d.k. InternationalLast week we gave a quick overview of the different types of hair available for hair restoration solutions.  The available types of hair for systems, accents, and wigs are synthetic hair, Cyberhair and human hair.  Depending on your lifestyle and budget, all three are great options for hair replacement solutions.  Synthetic hair is a man-made fiber that is extremely easy to handle, is long lasting, and durable.  However, individuals experiencing hair loss that want a more versatile product often opt for human hair.  Human hair is more costly than synthetic hair, but the higher price allows you to use hot styling tools, get perms, and add color.

There are two different types of human hair to choose from:

  • Indian
  • European


Did you know that Indian hair isn’t necessarily from India?  At least that’s not the case anymore.  Now the hair may also come from other regions such as the Philippines and China.  Indian hair tends to hold a curl better and more closely resembles coarse, human hair with lots of body.  This type of hair is the more budget friendly option for human hair.  This is due to the extra processing it goes through to reduce the diameter of each hair as well as change the color.  During processing, the integrity of the hair can be compromised, but the lighter colors of hair are more affected by this.


If your own natural hair is soft and silky, you may want to look into European hair for your hair restoration solution.  European hair is known for its strength and texture because of the minimal amount of processing it goes through.  The diameter of the hair is already small and many color options are available, thus providing a minimally processed product to its end user.  Because of this, European hair can be extremely expensive.

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