Our Commitment To Your Discretion

homepage-slide3People with thinning hair are going through a major life change.  Their biggest concern is maintaining their ability to lead their life as normally as possible.  When people they know begin to know about their hair loss, explaining the situation disrupts normal life.  It can feel like people are showing pity when, really, they just want to show you genuine care and concern.  However, explaining your situation and what you’re doing about it over and over again can become wearing.  In this blog I’m going to talk about DK International’s commitment to our clients’ discretion and why we’ve chosen to run our salon this way.


Imagine walking into a salon and running into an acquaintance from your church.  Her salon appointment is for a regular cut and color and you lie and tell her you’re in for the same thing when you’re really in to address your thinning hair.  When your stylists bring you both back to their stations, your heart sinks when you realize you’ll be seated right next to each other.  You explain your thinning hair, red faced, to your stylist while you glance out of the corner of your eye at the acquaintance.  She looks as uncomfortable as you and you silently beg her not to tell anyone else in your church.  Next Sunday is sure to be uncomfortable when you mingle with other church members, wondering who knows.


Now, picture yourself walking into a salon that doesn’t look like your typical salon from the outside.  It’s in a business park, the parking lot is in back and well concealed, and there isn’t any obvious signage.  When you walk through the doors it looks just like a regular salon.  There is a waiting area with products for sale, a reception desk, and the atmosphere is modern and very soothing.  Your stylist gathers you from the waiting area and brings you to her station, which is located in a private room.  She sits down across from you and makes eye contact with you while she asks you about your hair.  Immediately you know you’ve found a place where you can openly and freely discuss your lifestyle, diet, and health concerns that may be causing your thinning hair.


DK International practices strict discretion right down to our name.  We don’t advertise, so only the people that need to know about us understand why people come to our salon.  Even the mailings you receive from us won’t obviously disclose what our industry is.  We know that what you’re going through and how you deal with your thinning hair is a very personal and private matter, so we handle our clients’ discretion with care and the utmost seriousness.  Contact DK International today for your private and free one-on-one consultation.  Follow us on Facebook so you can hear about all of the innovative ways we’re helping people with their hair loss.  We don’t advertise, so share us with the close friend or family member you know that has expressed worry about dealing with their thinning hair!