A Full Cap Wig For Active Lifestyles

small_3737662943We’ve been talking a lot about Cyberhair and how you can use it for enhancements to your naturally growing hair using Micro Point Links, Accents, and Panels.  But what is Cyberhair?  If it’s not human, it must be synthetic, right?  Actually, it’s so technologically advanced that it doesn’t seem fair to call it synthetic!  Instead, we call it created hair.  Cyberhair is made from nylon fibers that possess the sheen of human hair and the durability of synthetic hair.  However, Cyberhair takes the hair replacement industry a few steps further by retaining it’s color, being feather light, loving water, and remembering it’s style.  You might start to wonder if it’s even better than human hair!


Micro Point Solutions are great for those who have thin hair or are experiencing thinning hair and want a boost in the density and body of their hair.  However, for partial or full hair loss, Private Issue by Cyberhair can give you a full cap system that feels like you and allows you to live the active lifestyle you’ve always had.  Catalogs are available for Private Issue wigs to showcase the wide variety of colors and styles you can achieve with Cyberhair.  Private Issue wigs are custom and require a consultation and a cut-in by a trained and certified technician.  A certified technician has been trained on Private Issue wigs to custom fit the cap to your head and will professionally style and cut the wig for your facial features.  The consultation takes about one hour and the cut-in takes an additional hour.  Investing your time at the beginning of the process will make you walk out of the salon feeling fabulous about your appearance, as well as your investment!


DK International’s technicians are trained to take you all the way from the consultation of your new hair system to finalizing the style.  Share this blog with the person you know who is considering a hair replacement solution and follow DK International on Facebook for continued advancements in the hair replacement industry!