Our Mission

At d.k. International, we are committed to providing the medical hair loss treatment you can rely on. We tailor our solutions to your individual needs, as well as providing education and support to all of our clients. We always provide our services in a soothing and comfortable environment, keeping our clients’ discretion in mind.


Thinning hair or complete hair loss is an emotional journey. Even if you aren’t a vain person, your hair can mean so much to your identity. Helping men, women, and children feel their best is why we went into the hair replacement industry. Our full line of hair loss solutions is here to make you feel amazing in our discrete and beautiful salon atmosphere. You’ll leave feeling as you’ve just gotten your hair done because you have!


For more than 40 years, d.k. International has been solely committed to providing the highest quality hair replacement solutions for men, women, and children. Your initial visit will take place in a private consultation suite with our hair loss specialist. Feel free to bring your support clan, kick up your feet, and discover your new look.


Your appearance and our discretion are top priorities at d.k. International. Our salon is the best-kept secret in Minneapolis for a reason. Dealing with hair loss is enough of a strain on your emotions. It’s understandable if you don’t want to worry about having to explain it to every acquaintance you run into. Because we are located in an industrial office complex in Bloomington, you’re not likely to run into someone you know. Our company name and logo make no mention of our services. If we need to leave a message, we identify ourselves only as d.k. International.


If you’re dealing with thinning hair, trichotillomania, hair loss related to chemotherapy or radiation, male or female pattern baldness, hormonal hair loss, or alopecia, you can count on d.k. International for medical hair loss treatment. Call us today for a free, private consultation!