3 Solutions To Female Pattern Baldness

micropointHave you ever dreamed of having a full head of thick, long hair?  For some women, the pursuit of thick hair may be a never-ending battle, becoming more difficult to fight the older they get.  In this blog, read about how DK International can help with making hair appear thicker with a safe, lightweight product; Cyberhair.


As women age and progress into menopause, hormonal changes affect the body in a multitude of ways.  One of the effects of menopause is on the hair.  Every woman possesses trace amounts of the male hormone, testosterone and as the hormone changes, it can be converted in to DHT.  DHT itself doesn’t necessarily cause hair loss, however certain enzymes that bind DHT to follicles can inhibit hair growth, thus causing it to fall out.  Dealing with hair loss can feel like a losing battle, especially if the concerned woman has had to fight with thin hair all her life.  However, thanks to many advances in the hair replacement industry, hair loss doesn’t have to be an absolute outcome of aging.  Cyberhair has created three amazing products to help women whose hair is naturally thin, thinning, or falling out altogether, Micro Point Solutions:


Micro Point Links

Typical female pattern baldness begins at the top, center of the head along the part line.  Micro Point Links are four Cyberhairs professionally knotted onto one strand of your existing hair.  The knots are so small and invisible that this is the perfect solution for women experiencing hair loss on the top of the head.


Micro Point Accents

Micro Point Accents are great for filling in the areas of the head that are slightly less visible.  Accents are 100 Cyberhairs attached to a tiny sterling silver bead, which are fastened to your own hair using no adhesives.  Accents are the ideal solution for women requiring more coverage on the sides of the head.


Micro Point Panels

For over all thickness, Panels act just like traditional hair extensions.  However, the difference is the lightweight of Cyberhair vs. heavier traditional synthetic hair, making Panels more comfortable.  Panels are attached using a medical-grade adhesive, which will either grow out with your hair or are easily and comfortably removed.


Women experiencing female pattern baldness may feel like their solutions are limited, but thanks to DK International, a Minneapolis based hair loss salon located in the suburb of Chanhassen, MN, there is a solution no matter the type of hair loss you are experiencing.  Contact DK International today for your free one-hour consultation to become educated by one of our trained technicians on the right hair loss solution for you!  Connect with us on Facebook to get updated on our blog posts and to see how we’re helping our clients with their hair replacement needs!  

How To Deal With Hair Loss In Your Own Way

small__4874203871If you’re the type of person that believes in safety in numbers, you may have been sharing your hair loss journey with your closest friends and family members or maybe you’ve been blogging about it to the world.  Either way, it’s your choice on how you’re going to cope and DK International is here to help.  In this blog, I want to talk about how DK International is here to help you deal with your hair loss in your own way.

Before we recommend a treatment option or a hair replacement solution, we meet with each client on a personal level.  We want to get to know you, what your concerns are, and want to help you figure out what is causing your hair loss.  Each experience is unique to the person, just like how each person deals with the experience is unique.  

One-on-one consultation – during a free one-on-one consultation we take the time to get to know you.  You’re paired up with your technician who will help you determine what may be causing your thinning hair.  From there, your technician will use professional experience and extensive knowledge to point you in the direction of treatment or replacement that’s right for you.  Each consultation takes place in a private room so you’re free to discuss your hair loss and what may be causing it without fear of judgment. 

One-on-support clan consultation – if the last thing you want to do is go through this journey alone, feel free to bring in your support clan!  Our consultation room is big enough so you can make your consultation an event and invite your closest friends and family members to help you get through the loss of your hair.  Losing your hair is anything but fun, but if you like to look for the fun in any situation, invite your clan along and kick up your feet while you search for a new look!

The loss of your hair is an extremely personal journey.  How you deal with it is up to you and whom you share it with is your business only.  Your discretion is our top priority right down to our discrete location and the name of our salon that doesn’t reveal our industry.  Contact DK International today if you’re concerned about how much hair you’re losing each day.  Follow us on Facebook so you can share us with the close friend or family member you know that is concerned about their thinning hair.

Get Thicker Hair With More Body Instantly

small__7311079798Thin hair may be something you were born with, but it’s not something you have to live with.  There are many different solutions men and women have tried to combat their thin or thinning hair.  Diets, certain hairstyles, topical solutions, and lasers to stimulate hair growth are all options, but it can get to a point where you feel like you’re constantly thinking about the hair on your head.  When moving into permanent and semi-permanent solutions, hair transplants or plugs can be painful and expensive, and traditional extensions can pull uncomfortably on your hair and aren’t the healthiest option with their strong adhesives. 

Micro Point Accents are a safe, healthy, and immediate alternative to the solutions listed above.  Last week we spoke about Micro Point Links and attaching 2 individual Cyberhairs to your naturally growing hair.  Micro Point Links are 100 Cyberhairs attached to a tiny sterling silver bead.  Your own natural hair is threaded through the bead by a trained technician and attached with no glues, bonds, or chemicals.  Accents are perfect for creating semi-permanent volume and density for short, medium or long hair.

While Micro Point Links are great for adding a fuller look to your hairline or top of head, Accents will add volume to the sides and back of your hair.  Since Accents are made with Cyberhair, you can style your hair just as you would your natural hair.  Cyberhair loves water and is feather light  It’s as durable, if not more so, than natural hair, so don’t be afraid to live the active lifestyle you’re used to.  Accents are ideal for men and women with short, medium, or long thin or fine hair looking to add volume and density.  In some cases, Accents are perfect for clients with Alopecia Areata or Tricotillamania.  Share this blog with the person you know that is concerned about their thin or thinning hair.  Follow us and share us on Facebook for continued updates on the hair replacement industry!