Achieve Discrete Hair Line Coverage

small__2642233705As some people go through life they know that it is inevitable that they will have to deal with thinning hair at some point.  Men and women with thinning hair have, in the past, had only a few options to combat the embarrassment of thinning hair.  Perhaps the hair loss isn’t at a point that warrants a hair system or they don’t want to deal with it surgically.  Perhaps the individual feels like they are just being vain and shouldn’t worry about their body image so much.  There’s a video out there that Dove recently produced about women and body image and it’s safe to say it has gone viral with over three million hits over the last few days.  The video addresses how women see themselves and how the image they have of themselves is completely different than how other people view their physical attributes.  They show this by having a sketch artist, that can’t see them, draw each woman as she describes herself.  Next, a woman they know comes in and describes her to the sketch artist.  The results are astounding and have so much truth behind them. 


Body image isn’t a silly mind game we play with ourselves as teenagers.  Body image is important and has everything to do with how we live our lives.  How we view ourselves largely impacts the job we choose, the friends we choose, our spouse, everything.  If confidence is challenged due to thinning hair it can affect several important things that make your life yours and could make you closed off to new experiences.  So what if you’re not ready for a hair system, or you don’t want to go through the expense and pain of a transplant?  Consider Micro Point Links by Micro Point Solutions.  Micro Point Links is 2, 4, or 6 Cyberhairs linked to one single strand of your own hair, without the use of harsh glues or adhesives.  The product is ideal for men and women with a thinning front hairline or top of the head.  It’s also perfect for someone who has gone through a hair transplant but desires more hair.


How you view yourself directly impacts how you live your life.  If thinning hair is starting to run your confidence ragged, contact DK International for more information on Micro Point Links.  Word-of-mouth is how we get the word out, so share us with whom you know by following us on Facebook!   

How To Care For Your Human Hair Wig

small__3915863228Because of their luxurious feel, comfortable wear, and natural look, human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs.  Because of the higher cost, you’ll want to protect your investment.  Human hair wigs are durable, but only if you treat them right.  If proper care is maintained, your wig will look beautiful for years to come.

Last week we talked about the importance of having certain styling services done only in a salon with a specially trained technician.  Perms and coloring should never be done at home with a human hair wig.  However, styling with hot tools such as curling irons or blow dryers is fine to do at home.  With styling, comes styling products, thus making the wig dirty.  The most important thing you can do for the prolonged beauty of your wig is to keep it clean.  To keep your wig from getting dirty quickly, be sure to wash your own existing hair and scalp.  This will keep the wig from developing an oily appearance.  Your wig should be washed after about six wears, or once a week if you wear it every day.  However, washings may need to be increased if your scalp tends to produce more oil.  Here are some steps to follow when washing your wig:

  • Carefully remove tangles before washing with a special wig brush or pick
  • Soak the wig in lukewarm, soapy water for five minutes; squeeze out excess water and rinse well
  • Massage well, but gently, with a special wig shampoo; rinse
  • Pour conditioner into your hand and massage into the wig, let stand for five minutes; rinse
  • Blot wig with a towel
  • Allow to air dry on a wig stand; blow dry on low if necessary
  • Gently brush the wig, style and set with wig spray or light hairspray

Make sure the shampoo you use is sulfate free, or very gentle such as shampoo for colored hair.  When you wash your wig, take note of any loose locks that need to be repaired.  Don’t brush a wet wig or a dry, curly wig.  If you are at all uncomfortable with caring for your wig on your own, DK International can help as we provide many services for the continued beauty and longevity of your wig.  Follow us on Facebook for continued hair restoration tips!

Versatility Of Human Hair

Miranda After

Miranda After

One of the most exciting parts about hair is the versatility of it.  Some women like to be creative with their styles, whereas other women prefer a practical look.  No matter which category you fall in to, having control over your style is what makes you, you.  From styling tools to perms to changing the color of it, the options are endless.  If your hair has started thinning or has started to fall out due to medical reasons, it can be devastating to realize the loss of versatility and creativity with your hair.  It can feel like you’ve lost a piece of your identity, after all, your hair is like your signature that you wear every day. 


Did you know that you could get that little piece of “you” back?  It may seem like wigs and hair systems are more fragile than they are, but they are surprisingly durable, if you treat them right.  Human hair wigs, systems, and extensions can be treated almost exactly as your own natural hair.  To properly care for a human hair wig it should be washed and conditioned, just like natural hair.  Hot styling tools can also be used on human hair wigs, such as blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.  Human hair wigs can also be permed and colored, but these services should never be attempted at home as they require special training.



Coloring human hair wigs is possible, but should always be done with your stylist.  Several tests should be completed in a discrete area to achieve the desired color.  The color will fade over time, just like natural hair, and will need to be touched up or recovered.



Perming should never be attempted at home.  Consulting your stylist for this service will help you preserve your investment in your human hair wig, while adding some fun curl.


DK International offers many services for human hair wigs.  Our specially trained technicians can educate you on what is and isn’t possible with your wig or hair system and will help you discover a style that makes you feel like yourself.  For continued tips and advice on how best to care for your human hair wig or system follow DK International on Facebook


Human Hair Options

Hair Loss Salon In Bloomington, Minnesota, Option Picture - d.k. InternationalLast week we gave a quick overview of the different types of hair available for hair restoration solutions.  The available types of hair for systems, accents, and wigs are synthetic hair, Cyberhair and human hair.  Depending on your lifestyle and budget, all three are great options for hair replacement solutions.  Synthetic hair is a man-made fiber that is extremely easy to handle, is long lasting, and durable.  However, individuals experiencing hair loss that want a more versatile product often opt for human hair.  Human hair is more costly than synthetic hair, but the higher price allows you to use hot styling tools, get perms, and add color.

There are two different types of human hair to choose from:

  • Indian
  • European


Did you know that Indian hair isn’t necessarily from India?  At least that’s not the case anymore.  Now the hair may also come from other regions such as the Philippines and China.  Indian hair tends to hold a curl better and more closely resembles coarse, human hair with lots of body.  This type of hair is the more budget friendly option for human hair.  This is due to the extra processing it goes through to reduce the diameter of each hair as well as change the color.  During processing, the integrity of the hair can be compromised, but the lighter colors of hair are more affected by this.


If your own natural hair is soft and silky, you may want to look into European hair for your hair restoration solution.  European hair is known for its strength and texture because of the minimal amount of processing it goes through.  The diameter of the hair is already small and many color options are available, thus providing a minimally processed product to its end user.  Because of this, European hair can be extremely expensive.

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Different Types of Hair

small__4769323338There is a type of hair for you depending on your budget, style, and lifestyle.  The hair replacement industry has three different types of hair meant to fulfill your needs.  Going through the experience of hair loss is a difficult one and it can feel like you’re losing a piece of your identity.  Knowing there are options out there to choose from can make the process a little easier to wrap your mind around.  Researching online the different hair replacement solutions is a great place to start, but can easily leave you overwhelmed and confused.  You’ll want to find the type of hair for you that fits your budget, feels the most like your natural hair, and, of course, looks like you!

There are three different types of hair to choose from:

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is the most budget friendly option.  It is a manufactured hair made to look like your own, but doesn’t have a textured surface so it has a slightly different feel and sheen than human hair.  Synthetics are easy to handle and are popular due to their ability to hold a style after washing.  However, heat cannot be applied to synthetic hair so styling tools cannot be used.  They can also not be permed or colored.  Professional servicing will be required every 3-4 months to keep your synthetic system looking its best.


Cyberhair isn’t synthetic, but it is created.  Manufactured from nylon, Cyberhair was developed to simulate human hair.  Slightly more costly than synthetic hair, but less costly and more durable than human hair, Cyberhair is a great option for a lot of people.  This created hair has many desirable qualities:

  • Durability
  • Lightness in weight
  • Body
  • Lift
  • Fade resistance
  • Curl retention

Human Hair

Human hair, for a natural look and feel, has been a popular option for hair replacement for a long time.  Like your own hair, human hair responds to complete styling changes, perms and color.  The two types of human hair available are Indian and European.  Indian is less costly than European because European hair goes through minimal processing.  Because of the thickness and coarseness of Indian hair, it undergoes extra processing which can damage some of the integrity of the hair. 

Follow DK International on Facebook to stay on top of all the latest hair replacement trends.  Stop in for a free consultation so you can feel and experience the different types of hair for yourself so you know which is the right one for you.  Stay tuned for more details about synthetic hair on Tuesday!