3 Products To Rejuvenate Thinning Hair

bosleyproHave you recently seen pictures of yourself from a special event?  In looking at those pictures, did you realize that your hair is thinner than you would like it to be?  BosleyPro, a product only available at professional salons like DK International, was created for those with thinning hair to the point of which you can see your scalp.  In this blog, learn about BosRevive and if this product could be a good fit for you.

BosRevive comes in two different formulas for color-treated hair or non color-treated hair.  Each provides you with daily shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment.

BosRevive Shampoo – BosRevive shampoo is a gentle, sulfate-free every day cleanser that removes DHT and other toxins known to cause hair loss.  The special LifeXtend Complex formula in BosRevive shampoo reconditions the hair while rejuvenating the scalp.

BosRevive Conditioner – This paraben-free, volumizing conditioner hydrates and nourishes thinning hair while strengthening it.  BosRevive conditioner fortifies follicles and the hair shaft for a fuller, thicker look.

BosRevive Thickening Treatment – BosRevive thickening treatment is a leave in treatment that uses LifeXtend Complex Plus technology to recondition and rejuvenate the hair and scalp to reduce the effects of DHT.  It’s thickening technology adds weightless volume.

Now that you know more about BosRevive solutions, do you think you might be a candidate for the product?  DK International is a hair loss salon located just 20 minutes west of Minneapolis in the suburb of Chanhassen, MN.  Along with BosleyPro products, we offer many other hair regeneration and replacement solutions.  Contact us today to schedule your free one-hour consultation with one of our trained and experienced hair replacement specialists.  We’ll consult with you on your specific type of hair loss, the products available to you for your hair replacement solutions, and help you find the best fit for your lifestyle and budget.  Connect with us on Facebook so you can join our online community and see how we’re helping our clients with their hair replacement needs!

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