Why You Are Experiencing Pattern Baldness

Sherry BeforeWhen we think of pattern baldness and DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, we think of men and male pattern baldness.  However, both women and men can suffer from pattern baldness caused by a hormonal imbalance.  After reading this blog, hopefully you will have more understanding as to why you are experiencing pattern baldness.


Hair follicles have the potential to become attacked by DHT.  DHT is a product of the hormone, testosterone.  Even women have trace amounts of testosterone in their bodies, so there is the chance that an imbalance could cause the existence of DHT, thus causing female pattern baldness.  When testosterone converts to DHT, the enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase aids it in attacking hair follicles.  This enzyme is found in the hair follicles’ oil glands and binds DHT to the follicles.  DHT then shrinks the follicles, thus damaging them and eventually killing them, making hair loss inevitable.  So, pattern baldness caused by DHT isn’t necessarily because of how much or how little testosterone is in your body, but more by your body chemistry.


Some peoples’ chemistry is more sensitive than others in changes in hormonal balance.  For instance, one person may test for high levels of DHT and have no hair loss, whereas another person may have normal amounts of DHT, but experience full-blown pattern baldness.  It all depends on how the enzymes in your hair follicles react to DHT.  Since pattern baldness is largely hereditary, one way to tell whether or not you’ll have a problem with it is to look at your family history.  If you’re a woman and your mom has female pattern baldness, it’s likely you’ll go through the same process as her when your hormones change throughout your life.


If you’re a man or woman whose parents have male or female pattern baldness, it’s important you look into your options before you start to notice hair loss.  Being proactive about your situation can slow down your pattern baldness and may even prevent it altogether.  Contact DK International, a Minneapolis based hair loss salon, today for a free one-hour consultation so we can get you on a path to your healthiest scalp possible to prevent hair loss.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook to see how we’re continually finding hair replacement solutions for our clients!

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