Three Hair Replacement Solutions For Temporary Hair Loss

small__4531496219Everyone has those moments of panic when a styling experiment has gone wrong.  Usually the damage isn’t so bad to where you can’t suffer through it for a few weeks, but what about when the damage is so bad it makes your hair fall off?  If you’ve had styling damage this bad and you’re searching around for a solution, hopefully by the end of this blog you’ll know what to do about your temporary hair loss.

Coloring, perming, and working your hair daily with styling tools are things that cause normal damage to everyone’s hair.  However, sometimes hair can get so overworked and stressed that it breaks off and causes temporary hair loss.  In these cases, your hair will grow back, but you won’t be back to your old self for several months, depending on how severe your hair loss is.  Below are three solutions for your temporary hair loss:

Partial Hair System

In the case of temporary hair loss due to styling damage, DK International may equip you with a top piece, or partial hair replacement system.  Partial hair replacement systems can be clipped on the top of your head, even if you have minimal hair.  They provide great coverage while you wait for your hair to grow out.

MicroPoint Accents

When hair loss isn’t all over, but it’s severely thinning from over-styling, MicroPoint Accents provide discrete coverage on the sides and back of the head.  Accents are 100 Cyberhairs attached to a sterling silver bead, which are then attached to your existing hair.  Your hair can be replaced in about as much time as it takes for you to go on your lunch break!

Full Coverage System

While it’s impossible to get a custom full cap wig in the same day, DK International does have many full coverage wig options available for purchase.  During your free one-hour consultation, you’ll be able to try on multiple wig options.  You may find just the one you’re looking for!

Losing your hair due to style damage can be an extremely nerve wracking experience.  Unexpected hair loss, no matter the cause, can leave a person in a panic and not knowing where to turn to for help.  If you’ve lost your hair suddenly, call DK International, a Minneapolis based hair loss salon, today to schedule your free one-hour consultation so we can help you find the right hair replacement solution for you!  Connect with us on Facebook so you can see all of the different hair loss solutions we’re coming up with for our clients!

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