3 Kinds Of Prosthetic Eyelashes And How To Use Them

medium_4952101701If you have alopecia, it’s natural to be concerned about losing the hair on your head.  It’s the most obvious change to your look you will notice.  However, one problem people diagnosed with alopecia might face, that they may not be thinking about, is the loss of their eyelashes.  In this blog I want to talk about three kinds of prosthetic eyelashes and how to use them.


Traditional – Traditional lashes are what most people have heard of.  They can be inexpensive and found at your local drug store.  They can be made out of synthetic fibers or they can be higher end and made out of human hair.  Either way, they are both applied and attached to your lid the same way.  You must dab a line of glue along your lid, let it dry until tacky, and then affix the lashes to the glue.  You should allow the glue to fully dry before further manipulation of the lash.  The quality of the lashes and the application are what is going to determine how natural of a look you achieve.


Individual – If your lashes haven’t completely fallen out, but they are thinning, you can achieve your desired look with individual lashes.  They come in a cluster of two to three lashes and are individually affixed to the places where more thickness is desired.


Fashion – If you’re going out on the town, or just want a fun and unique look, try fashion lashes.  They come in different colors and materials that are perfect for creating a more artistic look.  Whether the fashion lashes you choose are made from colored metallic fibers or fun feathers, you will have to use the same eyelash adhesive used by traditional and individual lashes.


Eyelashes aren’t only important for achieving your natural look; they are also necessary for the health of your eyes.  When you squint or instinctively blink because of dust or other debris in the air, your eyelashes are doing the job of keeping those particles out of your eyes. 

If you have been diagnosed with alopecia and you’re not looking forward to the tedious work of applying prosthetic eyelashes to your lids, DK International is here to help!  Contact us today for your free one-hour consultation and in that consultation we’ll go over the type of prosthetic eyelashes that are right for you.  Once we determine the color, style, and type, one of our experienced and steady technicians can apply the lashes for you.  Follow us on Facebook and join our online community!  Share your story and how DK International helped you.  Or, share us with the close friend or family member you know that has concerns about losing their hair.

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