How To Cope With Losing Your Hair After Chemo


Kathy After

Kathy After

DK International is familiar with the emotional and physical struggles women go through when they are diagnosed with breast cancer.  It can seem like their world is closing in on them when they fear that much for their health; and then they find out their hair is going to fall out.  I wanted to include one testimonial a client wrote up for us who went through just that.  DK International was honored to assist Kathy in her successful fight against breast cancer.


“Each day was filled with many doctors’ appointments and so many unknowns.  A day I vividly remember was when the oncology nurse said; ‘You will lose your hair 14 days after your first chemo treatment.’  I looked at my husband, Jay, and said, ‘no way, I do not believe her.’  I dropped my head on Jay’s shoulder and began to cry.  For some reason, as women, our identity seems to be based on our hair.  I am not a vain person, but losing my long blonde curly locks felt like my femininity being stripped from me.  Overwhelmed and exhausted, we took home a list of businesses in the Twin Cities where I could shop for a wig.

“My mom, sister, and a dear friend took me to DK International.  I love shopping, but was not excited about this kind.  Upon arrival, the staff at DK was very friendly and professional.  The private room for my consultation made me feel at ease, yet I panicked when I looked around the room and didn’t see any wigs that looked like my hair.  I knew my naturally curly hair was going to be a challenge and my eyes began to fill with tears.  The staff immediately comforted me.  They began to explain the option of custom ordering a wig.  This would allow me to get my exact hair color, curl, and style.  I was nervous about ordering a wig I was not able to try on, however I knew I was with the experts and that helped to reassure me I was making the right purchase.  We were about to leave, when I began to cry.  I didn’t want to lose my hair and could not imagine wearing this wig.  Then, the manager of DK took off her wig revealing her bald head and informed me she has Alopecia.  I would have never guessed her hair was a wig.  It was beautiful, she looked fabulous and this gave me hope.  A few weeks later my wig arrived and it was perfect!

“I feel blessed to have been positively affected by the staff at DK who, with ease, assisted my journey to become a four year survivor.  I will continue to ‘pay it forward’ and share my experience with others.  I would advise anyone to visit DK for the free consultation; it is one hour that will change your life!”


If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer, contact DK International today to schedule a free one-hour consultation.  Our experienced technicians know just what you’re going through and are here to comfort you and help you.  Connect with us on Facebook, where we share our weekly blogs, and join our online community! 

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