How To Deal With The Psychological Effects Of Hair Loss

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On Tuesday, I talked about the emotional effects of hair loss.  Loss of your hair can be devastating, however you’re not alone.  In this blog I’m going to talk about how to deal with the psychological effects of hair loss. 

For many men and women, their hairstyle is like their crowning jewel.  They have spent years searching for the perfect hair stylist, color, and have spent hours styling their hair on their own.  Imagine if you were to have all of that taken away?  You may become emotionally depressed, introverted, and may develop anxiety about going out in public.  If you can’t quite get to the point where you can look at it as a new hairstyle, below are four ways to help you cope with hair loss:

Exercise – some people look at this transition as an opportunity to make other changes in their life.  Exercise will boost your confidence and your mood, making the loss of your hair less disappointing.  It may not get rid of your bad feelings about your look altogether, however exercising will clear your mind and make you ready to tackle a bout of self-consciousness.

Dress nicer – improving your wardrobe is a quick and easy way to boost your self-confidence.  You’re going through a major life change that wasn’t your choice; feel free to treat yourself to some new clothes that make you feel fabulous no matter what your hair looks like.

If you’re a man – grow a beard or mustache.  It’s a classic look that many women find very attractive.  Confidently sporting a bald head shows you have confidence in yourself; what every woman wants.

Talk about it – safety in numbers is key here!  No matter what you do on the outside, you may still have those days where you’re not feeling like your best self on the inside.  Always talk about it.  Find a support group filled with people that are going through the same thing that you are.  Caring individuals that understand your troubles will become invaluable to you on your worst days.

DK International is a hair replacement salon.  We provide free one-hour consultations for people with thinning hair due to medical reasons or genetics.  We care about your physical appearance by making recommendations for extensions, wigs, and topical treatments.  However, we also care about what you’re going through emotionally.  Because of this, we have created an online community via Facebook.  Follow us on Facebook so you can share your story, your experience with hair loss, and provide support for others who are going through the same thing.  We want to make sure you don’t go through this alone.

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