3 Products That Will Strengthen And Condition Your Thinning Hair

small_2332533245Earlier this week we talked about how to cleanse your hair and scalp and rejuvenate hair growth with Hair Support shampoo.  This week, I want to continue talking about products from Hair Support.  Did you know that there is even more you can do for thicker, fuller hair than just switching shampoos?  If you want to ramp up your hair growth, you’ll want to read about these three products that will strengthen and condition your thinning hair.

Thinning hair easily breaks off, becomes dry, and grows slowly.  The root cause of this is, in fact, in the roots.  When the oil glands in your scalp become clogged, it damages the follicles, thus preventing new hair growth at the end of the natural life cycle of the follicle.  Hair Support formulated three additional products to use in addition to their shampoo to help strengthen hair, cleanse the scalp, and stimulate hair growth:

  • Hair Support Restructuring Conditioner – a light and natural restructuring conditioner for the scalp and hair.  This conditioner by Hair Support retains moisture, restores balance and manageability to thinning, damaged hair.
  • Hair Support Overnight Scalp Treatment – a Patented, at home, non-greasy treatment gentle enough to be used daily.  This overnight treatment penetrates deeply into the hair follicles to remove harmful dirt and oil build-up, emulsifying layers of sebum from the scalp, revealing potential hair that may have been dormant.
  • Hair Support Hair Vitamins – this 100% natural one-a-day capsule containing no animal products provides all of the necessary nutrients needed for stimulating hair growth.  Clients have said that their at home treatment results have accelerated when they have taken one capsule per day.

You can get Hair Support products at DK International, located in Chanhassen, MN.  Contact us today for your free, one-hour consultation to see if Hair Support products are right for you and the type of hair loss you’re experiencing.  Connect with us on Facebook and share this blog with the people you know who may be experiencing preventable, reversible, thinning hair.

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