Caring For Your Human Hair System

products_featured_imageIf you’re experiencing hair loss, you’ve most likely started to do some research on the different products and systems available.  On Tuesday we talked about a high quality human hair system by Follea.  If you’re leaning towards human hair for your hair replacement solution, one important thing to consider is the maintenance and what is required to keep your Follea hair system looking beautiful. 

One benefit of choosing a human hair system is its versatility.  If you wish to change the color of your human hair wig, it is possible.  A colorist who has been trained to work with coloring human hair systems is recommended as damaging your investment is likely by doing it yourself or asking a colorist who is only familiar in working with natural human hair.

Using regular hair care products can also damage not only the human hair it’s made with, but the materials the individual hairs are hand knotted to.  The most important thing to remember when shopping for hair care products is to make sure they are sulfate and paraben-free.  Using shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and paraben-free is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind anyway for care of not only your human hair wig, but also your body.  These chemicals absorb into your body through your skin and can be harmful to your health.

Assessing your activities and your lifestyle is another main component of choosing which hair system is right for you.  If you enjoy water activities, such as swimming for exercise, you can swim in your Follea wig, but it’s not recommended.  Human hair absorbs water and can become very saturated and heavy, which can affect the comfort and the secure fit of your wig.

There are many facets to choosing the right hair replacement solution for you.  It’s important that you consult with a professional on such a large investment.  To learn more, connect with DK International on Facebook and you’ll receive continued tips on the different solutions available in the hair replacement industry. 

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