Feather Light, Versatile Hair Extensions That Love Water

Miranda After

Miranda After

Thin hair may be something you’ve had all your life, and perhaps it hasn’t bothered you.  Certain haircuts and styles can help make fine hair looks its best, or perhaps you throw it up in a ponytail and move on with your day because you’d rather not take the time to think about it.  There may come a time in your life, however, when you wish you had thicker hair with more body.  Traditional extensions using synthetic or human hair can become uncomfortable because of their heavy weight.  Synthetic hair extensions also aren’t ideal for women who style their hair with hot styling appliances, as they can’t handle heat. 

Micro Point Panels by Micro Point Solutions address the problems that women looking at traditional extensions face.  Micro Point Panels use Cyberhair, which is a created hair that’s feather light, loves water, and can be styled with styling tools.  Micro Point Panels are attached and layered throughout the sides and back of your naturally growing hair.  They’re perfect for up dos for special occasions like weddings or prom, but comfortable and versatile enough enough for every day wear.

Micro Point Panel extensions are 800 Cyberhairs attached to a narrow 3” piece of polyurethane.  The Panel is applied to a small section of your own hair using a medical grade adhesive tape.  The Panels maximize the amount of coverage, volume and fullness.  Panels are ideal for women with short, medium or long and fine hair seeking more volume and density.  Panels can be applied in about as much time as it takes to get a trim, so you can return from your lunch break with noticeably more volume! Micro Point Panels can be enjoyed for four weeks with proper care, but can be easily removed if desired.

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