Achieve Discrete Hair Line Coverage

small__2642233705As some people go through life they know that it is inevitable that they will have to deal with thinning hair at some point.  Men and women with thinning hair have, in the past, had only a few options to combat the embarrassment of thinning hair.  Perhaps the hair loss isn’t at a point that warrants a hair system or they don’t want to deal with it surgically.  Perhaps the individual feels like they are just being vain and shouldn’t worry about their body image so much.  There’s a video out there that Dove recently produced about women and body image and it’s safe to say it has gone viral with over three million hits over the last few days.  The video addresses how women see themselves and how the image they have of themselves is completely different than how other people view their physical attributes.  They show this by having a sketch artist, that can’t see them, draw each woman as she describes herself.  Next, a woman they know comes in and describes her to the sketch artist.  The results are astounding and have so much truth behind them. 


Body image isn’t a silly mind game we play with ourselves as teenagers.  Body image is important and has everything to do with how we live our lives.  How we view ourselves largely impacts the job we choose, the friends we choose, our spouse, everything.  If confidence is challenged due to thinning hair it can affect several important things that make your life yours and could make you closed off to new experiences.  So what if you’re not ready for a hair system, or you don’t want to go through the expense and pain of a transplant?  Consider Micro Point Links by Micro Point Solutions.  Micro Point Links is 2, 4, or 6 Cyberhairs linked to one single strand of your own hair, without the use of harsh glues or adhesives.  The product is ideal for men and women with a thinning front hairline or top of the head.  It’s also perfect for someone who has gone through a hair transplant but desires more hair.


How you view yourself directly impacts how you live your life.  If thinning hair is starting to run your confidence ragged, contact DK International for more information on Micro Point Links.  Word-of-mouth is how we get the word out, so share us with whom you know by following us on Facebook!   

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